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Mineralogical Tour to the Pre-Polar Urals

For collectors of minerals, geologists, mineralogists, and students of natural science faculties and for those who enjoy traveling to remote, interesting places.
The Pre-Polar Urals are the highest part of Ural Mountains, which as a stone belt, divides Europe and Asia, extending from the hot steppes of Kazakhstan to the cold shores of the Arctic Ocean through the centre of Russia.
The Ural Mountains are famous all over the world for their mineral resources, beauty and variety of landscapes. We offer to acquaint you with the unique deposits of rock crystals Puyva and Dodo, found in a part of the Pre-Polar Urals, which is difficult to access.
During traveling you can learn about the enterprises, which extract the quartz and minerals from raw materials and visit the galleries where you can pick out interesting samples of minerals - rock crystal, smoky quartz, aksinite, titanite, anatase, calcite, apophyllite and others.  You can climb Mt. Ner-Oyka and visit the beautiful Zeiskie mountain lakes, where there are grayling in the crystal-clear waters.  You will visit the open cut mine Zeika and the mineralogical mining-works on the slope of Mt. Khus-Oyka. We will travel by vehicle and explore the territory Omega-Shor, where besides seeing interesting mineralogical objects, you have an excellent opportunity to fish for grayling.

Tour Program: 

Day 1
Arrival in Ekaterinburg (Middle Urals).  Accommodation in the hotel.
Registration of visa and acquaintance with the city.
Day 2
See the sights of Ekaterinburg and visit the historical and geological museums, examine private collections and purchase mineral samples for your collections. Depart from Ekaterinburg to the town Ivdel (Northern Urals) by train (13 hours overnight on the train in 4 person coupe).
Day 3
Flight by Mi-8 helicopter to the settlement Neroyka in the Pre-Polar Urals (2 hours). Accommodation in the tourist center Ner-Oyka. Familiarization with the settlement and geological parties (expedition). See the production and the extraction methods at the deposit. If you wish you can purchase interesting mineralogical material for your collections. Cultural program.
Days 4 - 6
Drive to the deposit Dodo (5 km). Acquaintance with the settlement, excursion to the galleries and see the mining-works. Here you can pick out specimens of minerals and rocks. Return to the tourist centre. Russian baths.
Day 7
Walk to the Zeiskie lakes and explore the open cut mine Zeika and mineralogical mining-works on the slopes of Mt. Khusoika and finding mineralogical and petrography samples for your collections. Return to the tourist centre. Cultural program.
Day 8
Travel by off-road track driven GAZ-71 to the rock crystal deposit of Puiva (18 km).  Become acquainted with the settlement, excursion to the galleries, see mining operations and find mineralogical samples. Return to the tourist centre.  Cultural program.
Day 9
Climb Mt. Ner-Oyka (unbelievable picturesque, mountain landscapes).  Excursion visit a waterfall on the stream Shaytanka. Return to the tourist centre. Cultural program. Russian baths.
Day 10
Drive to the deposit Omega-Shor, find mineralogical and petrography samples for your collections. Fishing for grayling. Return to the tourist centre.
Day 11
Fly by helicopter from Neroyka to Ivdel and then overnight by train to Ekaterinburg.
Day 12
Departure from Ekaterinburg.

If you wish the program of tour may be changed or added to and it is possible to include the following interesting and exciting program.

Rafting on the Mountain River Shchekuriya (100 km, 2 days).

This program is intended for those who would enjoy peacefully traveling down the very calm and tranquil river Shchekuriya. The rafting has a simple entertaining character for the purpose of acquaintance with the inimitable beauty and nature of the Pre-Polar Urals and the picking of berries and mushrooms. Rafting begins from the settlement Neroyka and continues through uninhabited and picturesque areas. You wont be able to forget the lands capes surrounding the river - rocky gorges, which are changed by mountain slopes, deep gullies, velvety green silver fir cedar, deciduous and mixed foists. You will have unforgettable memories from a night near the campfire alongside the river in the wilderness. Our rafting concludes when we arrive in the ancient village of Saranpaul. You can acquaint yourself with the sights in the village and can visit the ethnographic museum.

Period: June - September
July and August are optimum
Duration: 10 - 20 days
Recommended equipment:
Clothes for warm and cool weather (5ºC - 25ºC), a raincoat and waterproof clothes for rainy weather, rubber boots, trekking-shoes, repellents, camera and a geological hammer for selection of samples.
Necessary level of physical training: Without restriction.
Group: Optimum 5-8 persons.

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