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Golden Fords of the Kodzim River

Duration 11 (15) days
Amount - 7 to 15 persons

River Kodzim flows from the upper part of Mt. Kodzim-Iz, leaving on the left side the ranges of the Sana-Iz ridge and on the right side the ridges of polar Urals. In the tributaries at the head of the river Kodzim it is possible to find crystals of garnet, amethyst and also another minerals.
All the basic tributaries of the River Kodzim are from the left the first of them, the Balbaniyu (from komi language Balbaniyu river of stone idols, balban (idol) river.
Near River Balbaniyus mouth is located the geological monument of nature the rock Stone Woman. According to archeological data a site of primitive hunters and fishermen was near this rock.

Starting from the town of Inta, tourists go to the tour base Sana-vodz and then they will camp on the bank of Balbaniyu River. Sana-vodz (glutton stream) is a former base for prospectors who searched for gold in this region for many years.
While staying at the base, excursions will be organised for tourists, where they can learn about and see some rare and valuable types of plants - for example rodiola rozovaya or gold root. This plant has the same properties as ginseng.
After seeing the natural sights near Sana-vodz, it is possible to begin rafting on the River Kodzim which has majestic landscapes.
The River Kodzim forces its way through mountains, foaming on the fords and slowing down on deep places, where you can see and catch European and Siberian graylings (up to 2 kg), loach paliya and Atlantic salmon.
On the River Kodzim there are two rapids - Kresty (Crosses) and Manyuka traversing these will fill you with excitement and exhilaration
During the your journey you can read the Stone Book a geological history of the Urals carved into the rivers rocky cliffs.
Also you can climb the mountain ridges Rosomakha and Maldy-nyrd (1282 metres). From the upper part of Maldy-nyrd ridge there are beautiful views in all directions. On the Rosomakha ridge we can prospect for gold.
Learn some of the skills of the people who fight with the severe, wild nature of the Ural mountains - know the way of life of the reindeer-breeders of the  mansi nationality.
Flora and fauna of the pre-polar Urals is diverse.
During the journey it is possible to see many different types of birds and animals - heath-cock, deer, elk and, if you are lucky, bears.
On days when we stop to have a rest from rafting you can visit and learn about different natural monuments, walk on virgin taiga or take a steam bath in a Russian tourist bath.
The finish of our tour is at the railway station Kodzim, from where tourists will depart for home.

Optimal time for rafting is June - August.
It is necessary to take into account that depending on the month of visiting the pre-polar Urals, the tour has specific peculiarities.
June a beautiful mysterious time of white nights in the pre-polar Urals.
Air temperature is +5 - +20OC - this time is characterized by high levels of water in the rivers.  Temperature of the water is about +7OC. For tourists it is necessary to have additional warm clothes, as during the passage through the fords water will flow over the rafts.

July-August - during this time in the pre-polar Urals the summer is at its peak the sun is shining twenty-four hours a day. Air temperature is +10 - +30OC.

September - night frosts are possible. Air temperature is +5 - +20OC - but this is the best time in mountains the time of picturesque golden autumn. In the autumn in the taiga there are many mushrooms and different kinds of berries.

Velocity of river is about 8 km\hour.
Rafting per day is about 20 km.
Time of rafting during the day is 3.5-4 hours.

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