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Winter Fairytale

Skiing trip in the Siberian wilderness.

Duration: 5 days, 4 nights
Dates: On request from December 1 to March 20

We offer you a fascinating skiing trip in the very midst of Siberian wilderness the Khamar-Daban mountain range that borders Lake Baikal from the South East. This vast area is yet mainly untouched and is considered to be a true paradise for local hunters and fishermen. You are sure to enjoy the magic winter forest buried under tons of sparkling snow; have a chance to spend several nights in hunters log cabins, learn how the local trappers hunt the famous Siberian Sable. However, to take part in this winter adventure one should be ready for spending long hours in the cold, toiling in deep snow with a heavy backpack and sleeping in squeezed conditions of a hunters log cabin.  

Day Itinerary Notes

1 Day

Early transfer by car from Irkutsk to a small tourist facility located at the south-eastern shore of lake Baikal. It takes about 4 hours to get to the spot with a short stop for lunch in a road café built at a view point overlooking the southern extremity of the lake.
As we get to the tourist camp well spend some time adjusting our equipment and special hunters skies (*).
The route for today runs along Snezhnaya river valley to the confluence of 2 rivers (**). Before it gets dark we should find a small hunters log cabin cook dinner and prepare some fire wood for the night (***). Total distance: 17 km.  (LD)

* From times immemorial hunters in Siberia used wide wooden skies to walk through deep snow in Taiga forest.
** Usually there is not much snow on the river ice because the wind blows it away and sometimes you have to walk right over the clear ice.
*** This tiny but cozy log cabin was built by local sable-trappers.

2 Day

After breakfast well continue our skiing adventure along the river valley (*).
In a couple of hours well reach the highlight of the trip - the spectacular Sable Lakes (**).
After crossing both lakes well make a short stop for lunch.
Not far from the Sable Lakes theres one more wooden winter hut the so called the house of old man Beard.  In the mid sixties of the past century there was an old man who built that hut and actually spent his entire life in the woods. Dinner and overnight in a tiny log cabin. Total distance: 15 km.  (BLD)

* Since snowfalls happen here virtually every day theres hardly any ski track and one has to make a path of his own.

** The area around those 2 lakes is populated with sable. This small animal is highly valued for its durable fur. Local hunters use special traps to catch it

3 Day

After breakfast well leave our backpacks at the winter hut and ski up a small creek into a rocky canyon at the end of which theres a small beautiful icefall.
After a short rest well return back to the winter hut for lunch, pick up our backpacks and head back to the log cabin where we spent the first night. Total distance: 18 km.  (BLD)

* The sight is attractive both in Summer and Winter. In summer time the water crashes onto the opposite wall of the rock making an effect of a small rainbow.

4 Day

Today well head back to our starting point. The way back is always easier: first - the ski track is already there, secondly at least 2 kilos of food in your backpacks will be gone and thirdly skiing down the river is much faster.  In the evening before dinner you will enjoy the warmth and relaxing atmosphere of Russian sauna. Dinner will be served for you at the guest house. Total distance: 17  km. Overnight in a guest house. (BLD)

5 Day

After breakfast well load our bags and skies into a van and drive back to Irkutsk with a short stop for lunch in a road cafe. (B)

1. The tour is available from December 1 to March 20. 
2. Maximum group size 4 pax.
3. Skiing experience is essential
4. Ask your manager for a detailed list of personal equipment.

The cost includes:
transfers on mini van;
 accommodation in a guest house;
 meals as noted in the itinerary (B- breakfast, L lunch, D - dinner);
 rent of skis and sleeping bags

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