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Mountain walks (trekking tours)

Away from the “hustle and bustle” of cities and everyday cares - Away!
If you like the scent of campfires and morning mists, forests and mountains
and are physically healthy – one of our “classical mountain trekking” tours is for you!
On our classical trekking tours we visit the most beautiful and attractive places in the Urals.
Accommodation in camping grounds and tent camps. Mountain lakes and meadows, scenic rocks, coniferous and mixed taiga, rocky rivers and streams, night bonfire – it is impossible to forget!


In the southern Urals some mountain walks are not far from the cities - Zlatoust, Satka and Ekaterinburg on local mountain ranges. It is also possible to arrange excursions in these cities.
Objects: Ridge Taganai, Mountain Big Iremel, Valley of river Serga.
In the northern, pre-polar and polar Urals the mountain walks are organized in remote and uninhabited areas.
Objects: Kvarkush plateau, Rai-Iz massif, and area of mountain Manaraga.
In the most wild and remote places of the Urals - often, far from roads and cities are located the reserves and national parks. Here nature is preserved in primordial condition. Mountain trails are on "ecological paths". A local guide accompanies the group.
Besides the described tours we are happy to arrange climbing by snow-tractors and dog teams on the peaks of the URALS.
Objects: Iremel, Narodnaya (the highest mountain of the Urals).

We also have a special program for climbers  - the most difficult and complicated mountain of the Ural range - Mt. “Sablya” (Sabre) with a 600 metre wall.

Each day trekkers travel 7 - 12 kilometers with light rucksacks and carry moderate physical loads. During summer in the taiga forest zone it is necessary to use repellent for mosquitoes. Meals are prepared on campfires - as a rule this is usual Russian traditional food, but it is always possible to agree to a menu beforehand.
Every third day of the journey a tourist bath will be organised.
In summer in the northern, pre-polar and polar Urals the  weather is often rainy, so it is necessary to carry suitable wet weather clothing.


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