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The Dyatlov Pass journey


The region:
Russia, Ural Mountains, Northern Urals
Duration: six days (three days by snowmobiles in the Ural Mountains)

The amount of participants:
2 – 15 peoples

The route of the tour:

1) the city of Ekaterinburg – town Ivdel – Vizhaj settlement – town Ivdel - the city of Ekaterinburg (two nights by the train + by car 2x80 km)
2) Vizhaj settlement – Ushma village – Dyatlov Pass – Ushma village – Vizhaj selttement (by snowmobiles - 250 km)

The standard programme:
1 day - arrival to Ekaterinburg, transfer to hotel, accommodation in hotel, city-tour, transfer to railway station, night train to town Ivdel
2 day - arrival to Ivdel in the morning, transfer to Vizhaj settlement, accommodation in the tourist shelter, test drive of your snowmobiles.
3 day - trip to the village Ushma, accommodation in the wooden huts of local people Mansi (it possible to visit Mt.Chistop - depend on weather)
4 day - trip to Dyatlov Pass, return to Ushma village (or to the wooden hut of local hunters on the river bank of Lozva river)
5 day - back way to town Ivdel through Vizhay settlements, night train to Ekaterinburg
6 day - arrival to Ekaterinburg in the morning, transfer to the airport Koltsovo, flight home

The price: 1456 €/per person (riding two up), 1789 €/per person (riding solo)

Please contact us to get the current prices & dates of the tour via email office@welcome-ural.ru (the discounts are possible for the pre-gathered groups !)

The price includes:
• Visa support
• Rent of snowmobiles with pulks (fuel included)
• Guide-instructor, interpreter, mechanic
• Full board
• GPS navigators and satellite phone
• Spending the nights in the settlement of the local people Mansi and in Vizhaj
• Rent of winter outdoor equipment (tent with oven, sleeping bags, mats, multi-fuel torch, petrol generator)
• Transfer Ekaterinburg - Ivdel - Ekaterinburg (night train)
• Transfer Ivdel - Vizhai - Ivdel (off-road car)
• Accommodation in Ekaterinburg 

The price does not include:
• Medical insurance with the provided helicopter evacuation in case of emergency situation
• Single accommodation 
• Alcohol 


Before you decided to join a group and make this ride or not we strongly recommend you to learn the story of Dyatlov Pass -
you can found some facts and theories below:

The Dyatlov Pass incident in Wikipedia
The Dyatlov Pass incident in Forteantimes

AND IT'S NOT AN ALL ! - some film directors are going to shoot movies based on those misterious events: 

Renny Harlin
 (Die Hard2, Cliffhanger)  With the fact-based film about a mysterious incident in 1959, when 9 experienced hikers were found dead. The film is about contemporary students on a trek to investigate the mystery - five ambitious American students given a grant to investigate the incident and retrace the victims' journey. This proves to be a mistake, since they're soon bothered by strange and terrifying phenomena, suggesting that the forces behind the original mystery have been waiting fifty-odd years for a repeat performance...

Simon Fellows (Malice in Wonderland, Until Death) will direct an adaptation of Alan K. Barker's book Dyatlov Pass, based on true life events which saw nine students die in unexplained circumstances while ski-hiking in the Ural mountains in 1959. The sсript is being penned by Andy Briggs (Vampire Junkies) who has a background in horror, paranormal and adaptations, though this will be his first script and bankrolled by Future Film Group's production arm and co-produced by U.K. banner 28 Pictures. The Dyatlov Pass - Official Teaser Trailer


  • 8 days in the Northern Urals! From Perm by helicopter !
    Uncover the mystery of the Dyatlov Pass, mountain Otorten and other mysterious legends of the Northern Urals! - Take a dip in the mountain lake, play with snowballs during hot summer, catch grayling in the mountain rivers, meet the curious bears and not frightened deers, enjoy the mountain air, beautiful views and quietness.



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