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Some reasons, why you should visit the Ural region:

Ural Mountains are the mountain barrier separating the Europe from the Asia. Ural mountains lie where the borders Europe and Asia meet. This is really the unique geographical place. You will be able to feel the smooth and floating transition between Europe and Asia.

The Ural Mountains stretch 2000km from Kazakhstan in the south to the Arctic Kara Sea in the north. They are low, as famous mountain ranges go, failing to top 2000m anywhere, and if you pass through on the train along the Trans-Siberian Railway you may hardly notice them. Geographically the Urals are divided into five parts; Southern, Middle, Northern, Pre-Polar (the highest mountains) and Polar Ural.

3. Ural Mountains are vast areas of outstanding natural beauty, mountains and lakes, forests and valleys all teaming with wildlife. You will see beauty of old Ural Mountains, taiga, rapid mountain rivers and taiga slow rivers, mysterious world of Ural caves. In dependence on season (spring, summer, autumn, winter) you can walk, hike, cycle, ride horses, ski, climb, walks on dog teams, explore caves, photograph, watch wildlife and try your hand at traditional crafts, study wild flowers and plants. During your travel in the Urals you will cross several natural-landscape zones: tundra, forest, mountain, steppe, and forest-steppe.

There are more then 10 of national and Nature Parks on the Urals. Including the biggest in Europe national Park  “Yugyd-Va”. These are real natural museums of biodiversity, which included different types of ecosystems. Objects of great scientific, cultural, historic and aesthetic value are located here.

If you’ll visit Ural region you can see architectural monuments of several centuries, churches and castles, ancient towns and modern industrial giant factories, old villages with wooden buildings, preserved as living museums and modern cities with entertainment centers. You will touch lightly upon the deep, fascinating history of the Ural region, which always were a strong part of the Russian Empire and an immense source of raw materials (in particular iron).

Winter tours in the Ural Mountains in 2016-2017. Enjoy Russin Winter!!!
Excursions, hiking, horse sledding, on snowmobiles, country skiing, dog sledding, caving, ice fishing, ....


Transsib or TransSiberian railway is the most popular tourist route in Russia among foreigners. Actually it is the most attractive, the longest tour across the territory of Russia. Transsib is considered to be the longest railway in the world.
If you decide to start traveling, then you should bear in mind that such tour can take three – four weeks.
There is a classical variant of Transsib tour:
Moscow – Perm – Ekaterinburg – Krasnoyarsk – Irkutsk – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok.

But for the last ten years classical variant of tour has changed, and nowadays most part of tourist prefer to turn after Baikal region to the south, continuing their way across the territory of Mongolia and China. Usually, tourists stop traveling in Beijing, and then they come back home by plane. On the way they make stops in Ulan-Bator and Beijing as well. Besides there is “reverse” route – from Beijing to Moscow.

As we live on Trassib line, we offer as classical variants of Transsib tour as new lines of Transsib.

Our lines of Transsib:
1. Moscow – Kirov – Perm – Kungur – Ekaterinburg - ….to the East
2. Moscow – Kazan – Krasnoufimsk – Ekaterinburg – ….to the East
3. Moscow – Ufa – Zlatoust – Miass – Chelyabinsk - ….to the East
4. Moscow – Ufa – Orenburg – Chelyabinsk - ….to the East
5. Moscow – Vologda – Kotlas – Inta – Labytnangi – Salekhard

There is no doubt that the most attractive line of Transsib is the one via the “heart” of the Southern Ural – towns Zlatoust and Miass. But, if we dig the history of Transsib we will found out that this “southern” line is the historically real Transsib.
But due to historical peculiarities and direct trains Moscow – Vladivostok, Moscow – Ulan-Bator and Moscow-Beijing teh Transsib line via Perm and Ekaterinburg is the line that is considered to be the classical Transsib for foreigners.

May be you have a question why the “southern” line is much more preferable then anything else? There is the only answer:
Southern Ural is the area in the Urals, which is characterized by broad diversity of natural landscapes – from steppe and forest - steppe zones in area of the city Ufa and Chelyabinsk to forest and mountainous ones near Zlatoust and Miass. The section of railway between Zlatoust and Miass is about 50 km. But this short section includes maximum of sights of interest. They are geological, hydrogeological, speleological, botanic and other ones. In this area there are two nature parks – Zyuratkul and Taganay and world-famous Ilmenskij mineralogical reserve.

Some photos of the last tours


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