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Horseback Riding

For horseback riding a translator is not required - only you, your faithful horse and the wild nature  around!

Our tours pass on the green slopes and upper parts of  mountain ranges of  the Ural Mountains, on valleys of rivers, on taiga and mountain paths complete freedom in nature ! Our programs are designed for amateurs - for people who have never sat in the saddle. Qualified instructors/guides will teach you how to use horse gear, as well as how to ride a horse. It is easy remember!


On the southern Urals, the horses are of a local Bashkir breed, which are beautifully adapted for mountain and taiga walks on the tours.

Especially for you in the tour program there is the tourist bath - an invention of Russian tourists. On the bank of a river or lake a large campfire, surrounded by stones is set up. When the campfire dies down, a big tent is placed over stones and your bath is ready!

And moreover, after contact with horses and horseback riding, it is widely known that our health will certainly be better as a result of this therapy.

We work individually with each tourist and are ready to take you at any time suitable for you from May to September and also in winter. Duration of tours can be changed, according to your wishes.
Horseback riding can be part of your Great Ural Tour.

Instructor - Guide, groom, cook and translator accompany the group.
All participants are provided with special equipment.
Accommodation is in mobile tent camps and tourist centres.
Optimum group - 3 - 10 persons.

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