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February - March- the best time for fishermen. We are glad to offer you a-day winter fishing.
Have you heard anything about the Urals?
Possibly, among the  European fishermen the word Ural is associated with a river of the same name, which flows along the eastern slope of Ural Mountains.
Now you have a wonderful opportunity to fish in the mountain rivers of the Urals, to have a good rest and to relax in a comfortable tent camp.
We offer to you sport and trophy fishing for grayling and taimen in mountain rivers of the northern, pre-polar and polar Urals in places, which are unknown in Europe (and abroad).

The remoteness of the northern rivers, places which are difficult to access and with some of the rivers being in national parks and reserves of Russia only through our tours can these areas be available to you.
Promote the safety and stability of fish species in rivers of the Urals.
Fishing inside Russias national parks and reserves is organized and carried out only on the principle Catch and Release. These regions are natural river fish spawning grounds and we give particular attention to the protection of biological ecological systems.

In the rivers on the western slopes of the Urals there are many European grayling, which are larger than Siberian grayling. But, on these slopes, taimen is absent. It lives in rivers, which flow to the river Ob, on the eastern slopes. In these eastern rivers the Siberian grayling also lives.
The River Ob is The great Siberian river, which flows along the eastern slope of Ural mountains. In the polar Urals near Salekhard city, the Ob flows not far from mountains. In the  Ob there are such species of fish: pike, perch and white salmon - nelma (fish from The Red Book).
To the east from the Urals, there are several great running-water lakes, which are famous for large amounts of fish (mainly, pike and perch).
In the rivers and lakes of the middle and southern Urals there are also fish, but in northern rivers the fishing is much more interesting!

Our company organizes and carries out fishing tours in the Ural mountain rivers from stationary camps and also on our rafting tours - it is the best way to fish. You will be able to change your fishing area every day and catch a fish in the best and most beautiful places on the river.
Especially for you in the fishing tour program we have included the tourist bath - an invention of Russian tourists. On the bank of a river or lake a large campfire is organized, surrounded by stones. When the campfire dies down a big tent is placed over the stones and the bath is ready!

We organize fishing tours on mountain rivers in uninhabited places of the Ural region. HERE THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO PEOPLE - ONLY YOU and WILD NATURE!

Depending on the method of catching of fish which you prefer, the season, and kind of fish you want to catch, we can arrange a tour to suit ALL of your requirements!
We work individually with each tourist and are ready to take you in any suitable time for you. The best months for fishing however, are August and September.

Duration of tours can be changed, according to your wishes.
A fishing tour can be part of your Great Ural Tour.
Instructor - Guide, cook and translator accompany group.
All participants are provided with special equipment.
Accommodation is in mobile tent camps and tourist centres.
Optimum group - 3 - 10 persons.

Besides fishing in the Ural rivers and lakes we offer you fishing tours in Southern Altai.

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