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The Dyatlov Pass incident

February 1959, Ural Mountains, Russia. Nine missing skiers found dead. Cause: Unknown

...During the night of the 1st of February 1959 a team of nine experienced cross country skiers abandoned their tent in the Russian Ural Mountains and fled to a nearby forest. They were in such a hurry that they were only partially clothed and cut though the sides of their tent to save time. The temperature outside was minus 20 degrees. Within hours they were all dead. Rescuers recovered their bodies at two separate times and discovered that while some had frozen to death others had sustained injuries. Reports have made claims of high levels of radiation, strange lights in the sky, missing body parts, strange orange skin tones and even the possibility of UFO involvement. Now we seek to understand the truth about what really happened....

8 days in the Northern Urals! From Perm by helicopter !
Uncover the mystery of the Dyatlov Pass, mountain Otorten and other mysterious legends of the Northern Urals! - Take a dip in the mountain lake, play with snowballs during hot summer, catch grayling in the mountain rivers, meet the curious bears and not frightened deers, enjoy the mountain air, beautiful views and quietness.
The price from 690 euro per person!

Four days journey by snowmobiles !
290 km in the Northern Urals with the groups of two - six people.
Visiting the real spot of the last campsite of Dyatlov's group.
The price from 998 euro/per person !


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