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Urals – a unique region for amateurs of auto-touring. The Great Uralian Circle  – it’s for you!

During your tour you will cross several natural-landscape zones: forest, mountain, steppe, and forest-steppe. You will see the beauty of the old Ural Mountains, taiga, rapid mountain rivers and slow taiga rivers. You will touch lightly upon the deep, fascinating history of the Ural region, which always was a strong part of the Russian Empire and an immense source of raw materials (in particular – iron).

The Urals became the springboard for opening up the new lands of Siberia and the Far East.
You will see architectural monuments of several centuries, ancient churches and temples, aging factories and giant modern industrial plants, old villages and modern cities.

The Urals have stopped being simply a white path on the map of the World and are now opened for foreign visitors.


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