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Caving Trips

By the beginning of XXI century the white paths on the maps of the earth vanished and, unfortunately, the epoch of great geographical discoveries basically ended. But there is another world, avoided by attention of land-surveyors, which is impenetrable by aerial photography and inaccessible to powerful tracks. This world is situated not far from you - it is under your foot. This is the world of caves, a world of absolute darkness, a world of deathly silence and a boom of waterfalls, a world of clay, limestone and gypsum and varicolored crystals, a world of underground rivers and lakes, beautiful small and grandiose grottos, with picturesque sinters on their walls.


Visiting the caves is a meeting with eternity the age of caves is quite commensurable with the scale of geological periods. Our ancestors mastered fire and metal, created and destroyed states, redrew the map of the world, but caves are as much the same now as they were then millions of years ago. The most easily accessible caves always attracted a person as a sanctum, a hiding place or a sanctuary. The caves also served as sanctums for different extinct animals, whose remains paleontologists are studying today. At present caves are not lifeless - they are a whole unique world with their own morphology, climate, water, animals and plants.

In the Urals there are groups of undisturbed caves of differing categories and difficulty. Our experienced guides/instructors will help you explore them. Also in the Urals there are caves where primitive men lived - among them the world famous Capova (Shulgan-Tash) and Ignatievskaya. Archeologists found in these caves rock paintings and other signs of activity of primitive men.

Also in the Urals there is the unique Kungur Ice Cave, which includes 20 marvelous grottos: the Diamond and the Polar grottos with their glaring snow crystals; the Meteor grotto, reposing in pitch-darkness; the Ethereal grotto with its all-the-year-round dripping and "organ-pipes" - well-like holes which have been formed by water drops in the rock mass. You will see magnificent underground lakes, amazing stalactites and stalagmites and so much more.

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