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Kungurskaya Ice Cave

This excursion gives you the opportunity to admire the nature of the Urals in all its splendor and acquaints you with the history of settlements in the region - fascinating stories about the Great Siberian road (also called the Moscow road) and the populated areas nearby. One of the oldest towns of the Urals - Kungur - will be presented to you.

In Kungur you will take a tour around the town, be part of an exciting excursion to the ice cave, which will reveal to you its 20 marvellous grottos: the Diamond and the Polar grottos with their glaring snow crystals; the Meteor grotto, reposing in pitch-darkness; the Ethereal grotto with its all-the-year-round dripping and "organ-pipes" - well-like holes which water drops formed in the rock mass. You will see magnificent underground lakes, amazing stalactites and stalagmites and so much more.

Archeological finds show that this ice cave possibly served as sanctum during the winter for troops of Ermak, who had been moving eastward for the subjugation of Siberia.

During the excursion you will have an opportunity to visit a unique stonemasons workshop where items are manufactured from selenite (stringy gypsum), anhydrite and talc-chlorite from Kungur and the village Red Yatsyl and visit the Stonemasons Museum. Here the entire history of the development of selenite, anhydrite and talc-chlorite carving is presented. Depending on your wishes, it is possible to visit the quarry, where selenite is mined and pick up samples of the minerals.

During the excursion of Kungur you will visit some old churches and temples architectural masterpieces all displaying the magnificent skills of craftsmen from a bygone era.

On the way to Kungur it is possible to stop near the obelisk Border of Europe-Asia.

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