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On horsebark in the land of Bashkiria

Duration  12 days

Program of tour:
1 day

Arrival to the city of Ufa.
Transfer in hotel. Accommodation in a hotel (double standard rooms).
Lunch. Excursion program.
Dinner on your own way.
Spend the night in a hotel (double rooms)
2 day
Breakfast in hotel. Transfer to the settlement of Nugush.
Lunch. Accommodation in a guest house. Becoming familiarised with horse equipmentand riding horses inside an enclosure. Dinner. Russian Baths
3 day
Transfer by motor boat across the Nugush reservoir to the place, where the river Nuka flows into the water reservoir. Accommodation in a tent camp (double tents)
Lunch. Swimming.
4 day
Riding to the Ibragimovsky waterfall (or waterfall Kuperlya) and then riding along the ridge Ala-tau.
Visit the waterfall Kuperlya and Carst bridge, a monument of nature. Lunch. Riding to the area of Savka. Accommodation in a tent camp (double tents)
5 day
Free day
Horseback riding in environs of a tent camp. Lunch. Dinner.
6 day
Breakfast Riding along the river Nugush to the area of Kumbalyakly (10 km). Lunch. Dinner. Accommodation in a tent camp (double tents)
7 day
Breakfast Riding to the area of famous Sumgan caves (20 km).
Lunch. Accommodation in a tent camp (double tents)
8 day
Visit the caves and karst craters.
9 day
Breakfast. Horseback riding to the bashkir village of Maksutovo, and then to the bank of the river Agidel (25 km).
Accommodation in a tent camp (double tents) on the bank of the river.
Swimming. Fishing.
10 day
Transfer to the Nature Park  Shulgan-Tash.
Excursion - Nature Park and cave Shulgan-Tash (Capova), the museum of nature and lake Ijilkysykkan. Transfer to the tourist centre.
Being a complex natural monument the Capova cave is of great interest because of its structure: multiple grottos and halls connected by passages of various levels. Total length of all the cave passages is more than 2.7 km and the total volume of the cavities - about 86000 cubic metres. The cave walls are rich in calcite sinters of all shapes and sizes. The cave has three levels. Inside the cave the river Underground Shulgan flows forming a Blue Lake at its entrance. In the cave scientists found rock paintings made by primitive men in the Paleolithic Epoch.
Lunch. Transfer to the settlement Kaga. Accommodation in a tourist centre.
11 day
Transfer to the city Ekaterinburg (600 km). Lunch - on the way
Accommodation in hotel.  Farewell dinner. Spend the night in hotel (double standard room)
12 day
Breakfast in a hotel.
Transfer to the airport Koltsovo.
Departure of tourists.

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