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Trekking in the Southern Ural

Duration - 9 days

Program of tour:

1 day
Arrival in Ekaterinburg. Transfer to hotel. Accommodation in hotel (double room). Lunch.
Excursion program. Visit to museum. Dinner
2 day
Breakfast in hotel. Transfer to the village Tyulyuk (420 km).
On the way: the towns of Kyshtym, Karabash (Zone of ecological disaster), Miass (visit the mineralogical museum of Ilmenski reserve), Zlatoust, Satka.
Lunch on the lake Turgoyak - one of the most picturesque and transparent lakes in the Urals. Its waters are similar to those of Lake Baikal – very clean and potable.
Accommodation in tourist centre in Tyulyuk village (double room). Dinner.
3 day
Breakfast. Hiking to the foot of mountain Iremel. Accommodation in tent camp. Lunch.
Climbing to Mt. Iremel - 1582 m (Mt. Malij Iremel – 1449 m)
Iremel is one of the highest and most beautiful mountains of the Southern Urals, which Bashkirs considered earlier as a sacred mountain. It is located near the upper reaches of the river Belaya (Agidel in Bashkir language). Mount Iremel has two peaks - Big Iremel (1582 metres) and Small Iremel (about 1400 metres). According to the old Indo-Iranian book “Avesta”, Mt. Iremel had the same importance as Mt. Olympus in ancient Greece. According to legends, Zaratustra reserved secret knowledge of humanity on the golden mountain “Iremel”. Trekking to the upper part of the mountain, we traverse different natural zones - deciduous forest, forest-tundra, coniferous forests and mountain zones. Here you can feel the fragrance of forest herbs - from the base of one of these, the famous Bashkir balsams are manufactured.  You can swim in the “water of life” - a mountain spring, and if you are lucky you can find the “gold root”, which is an analogue of the famous ginseng.
For climbing it is necessary to have trekking boots and warm and waterproof clothing. It is possible to climb with horse or off-road car support (extra money).
Lunch is prepared on campfires - as a rule this is usual Russian traditional food, but it is always possible to agree to a menu beforehand.
Return to the base camp. Dinner. Spend the night in double tents.
4 day
Breakfast. Return to the Tyulyuk village. Lunch.
Russian Baths  - in evening. Dinner. Spend the night in tourist centre.
5 day
Breakfast in tourist centre. Transfer to the town Zlatoust.
Zlatoust - “The city of the winged steed” is how they often refer to the third city (by size and industrial power) in the Chelyabinsk region – there is a winged steed on the city’s emblem. At the beginning of the last century legendary Ivan-Krilatko from Bazgov’s tale worked here, as well as the talented steel-cutter I.N.Bushuev. The winged steed, which has stepped onto the city’s emblem was made from Bushuev’s blade – a mark of respect to the labour of the masters who glorified the city with Russian damask steel and decorated weapons – a symbol of our contemporary Ural’s creative work.
Lunch. Hiking to the foot of mountain Taganay. Accommodation in tent camp.
Dinner. Spend the night in double tents.
6 day
Breakfast. Climbing the ridge “Otkliknoi” (1155 m) and Mt. Kruglitsa (1178 m). Lunch.
Return to the base camp. Dinner. Spend the night in double tents.
7 day
Breakfast. Climbing the ridge Dalniy Taganay (Distant Taganay), 1112m. Lunch.
Return to the base camp. Dinner. Spend the night in double tents.
8 day
Breakfast. Return to the town Zlatoust. Visit the museum.
Transfer to the city Ekaterinburg. Lunch. Visit  the Sugomakskaya cave near the town Kyshtym.
Accommodation in hotel (double room). Farewell dinner.
9 day
Breakfast in hotel. Transfer in airport. Departure of tourists.


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