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Mountain Iremel Mountain Lake Zyuratkul

Mountain walk

Extent of route: 95 km.
Duration - 7 days

Day 1:
Transfer from Satka to the settlement Tyulyuk where the tour begins. Accommodation – in a tent camp in the forest near the settlement. After lunch tourists will climb to the top of the mountain “Iremel” (1582 metres).
According to the ancient Indo-Iranian book “Avesta”, Mt. Iremel has the same importance as Mt. Olympus in ancient Greece. According to legends, Zaratustra reserved secret knowledge of humanity on the golden mountain “Iremel”. Trekking to the upper part of Mt. Iremel we traverse different natural zones - deciduous forest, forest-tundra, coniferous forests and mountain zones.
Here you can feel the fragrance of forest herbs - from the base of one of these, the famous Bashkir balsams are manufactured.  You can swim in the “water of life” - a mountain spring and if you are lucky you can find the “gold root”, which is an analogue of the famous ginseng.
Spend the night in tents.
Day 2: Begin trekking. We go along the river “Big Berezyak” and the ridge “Nurgush” on a path surrounded by forest and bogs. Sometimes we traverse small streams and will stop for lunch near "Vinogradov’s farm".
Continuing our journey to "Berezyak".  The main highlight of this place is excellent fishing for grayling!
Spend the night in tents.
Day 3: Continue trekking.  Throughout the route there are bogs and streams. Climb to a pass (883.3 m) between Middle and Big Nurgush, where we will stop for lunch. From the pass we are able to see a panoramic view of the Urals. After resting we can make a round trip to the top of Middle Nurgush.
Spend the night in tents.
Day 4: Climb to the highest point of the Chelyabinsk district - a remarkable natural monument! Surmounted on the mountain slope there is a huge green tundra plateau (8-9 sq. ), covered with moss.  Following a big wall, formed by quartzite, which is located in the centre of the plateau, we appear at the top of Big Nurgush (Soaring bird in Bashkir language).
After resting and lunch we go to the rocks "Gendarmes" and then we go down the track “The Thieves Path”. In bygone times thieves stole horses along this path.
Spend the night in tents.
Day 5: Continue along “The Thieves Path”, through places “Small Kyl” and “Sharov’s Cordon” to the settlement Zyuratkul. Stop for a rest near the lake “Zyuratkul” situated 724 metres above the Baltic Sea level in the national park “Zyuratkul”. Fishing. Russian bath (sauna)! Spend the night in tourist shelter.
Day 6: Transfer to Satka. Visit the natural historical complex “Porogi”, which is situated on the river Big Satka. It is a very picturesque site – like a miniature Lake Geneva. In 1911 when V.Lenin had been dreaming about electric lamps - in the remotest depths of the Uralian provinces the streets of Porogi were brightly lit and ferroalloys were melted on local electric stoves.
In 1993 the committee of UNESCO on Preservation of Monuments of History and Culture gave the status of “monument of international significance for natural-historical” to the complex “Porogi” a factory dating back to the beginning of the 20th century.
Spend the night in tourist shelter.
Day 7: Excursion to one of the most beautiful places on the river Ai  -  the stone wall  “Bolshie Pritesy” with a height of up to 80 metres and extending more than a kilometre and the cave “Kurgazak”.
Departure of participants.

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