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Horseback riding in Altai

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The Altai mountains are much higher than the Urals - rivers more rash, nature more virginal. Here, in the centre Eurasia, are 46 types of landscapes: sandy deserts and steppes, mountain taiga and tundra, crystal lakes and waterfalls, snow tops, glaciers and alpine meadow. The nature of this territory amazes with its own contrasts. Only here it is possible to reach within 2 hours from an area of sandy desert to alpine meadows, high mountainous tundra and eternal ice. A relatively small territory (in total near 100 000 sq km.) it is distinguished by the broad range of biological types (including endemic and relics). Here there are more than 3000 types of plants, 109 types mammals 370 types of birds, 22 types of amphibious and grovel, 36 fish types and more than 15000 types insects!

Since Gerodote times people have known of the wild mountainous land in the middle of the continent. Today opportunity still remains to make a fascinating trip to explore the Altais world of natural wealth. Altai a Mongolian word which means Golden Mountains. Indeed, the land is known throughout the world for its rich mineral resources, beauty, and diversity of landscapes and wildlife. From the Altai, once occupied by Scyths, caravans carrying gold used to set off for both the East and West. The gold was mined by mysterious people called Chud...


For several whole days You will be able to SEE all THIS to speed in inflatable rafts through raging river rapids, ride horses on mountain tracks, visit picturesque, legendary Mt. Belukha (4506 m.) the highest mountain in Altai and Siberia!

One of the attractions of southern Altai is that for strong political reasons it was for a long time closed for access -  not only to foreign, but also for domestic tourists.

As the journeys pass through the territory of the Kazakhstan republic (East-Kazakhstan area) it will be necessary for you to get a tourist entry visa. We (office@welcome-ural.ru) will assist you in obtaining this visa.

"Nomad" (7-13 days). Visiting all landscape areas of southern Altai.  Rich, emotional 4WD tour.
"Emerald Ring"  (8 days). High Mountain trekking in the vicinity of Belukha mountain, glacial lakes, alpine meadow, waterfalls, heights to 3500 m., absence of mosquitoes!
"Altaic Tracks" (7 days). Trekking/Horse Riding in the vicinity of Mt. Belukha, very picturesque high mountain landscapes, romanticism.
"River Katun" (7 days), Rafting from the foot of Mt. Belukha on the higher parts of the famous Altaic river, absolutely uninhabited place.
"River Uba"  (5 days). Family fun rafting on the picturesque mountain river -180 km. Practically uninhabited  terrain. Possibility to make short mounted walks.
"Geographic Crossroad of Eurasia"  (7-13 days). A vehicular journey, for the lovers of live nature - observation of birds, animals and landscapes of the southern Altai. Stay in permanent campsites.
"Rivers and Lakes of Belovodye  (13 days) Combination fishing tour. Fishing in high mountain rivers and lakes.

You can look also some photos of nature of the Altai Mountains:   Gallery 1   Gallery 2   Gallery 3   Gallery 4

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