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The Untouched Heart of the Urals (RTG TV, 2011)

"...The Nether-Polar Ural Mountains in the Komi Republic is a place perfect for taking in and enjoying primitive beautiful wilderness, seeing immense open spaces in the tundra that goes as far as the horizon as well as impressive and powerful mountain ranges. Here ancient legends and folklore still live on and one can easily lose track of time, becoming one with the surrounding natural environment. While traveling around the Nether-Polar Urals, our host Andrei Ivanov swam in the Kozhim River in the mountains, learned a lot of new things about the plant and animal world, spent some time underground where he dug up quartz and rock crystal and saw the sun rise from the top of Yerkusei Mountain. He was also lucky enough to become familiar with the history and ancient legends of this impressive krai..." (Russian Travel Guide TV, 2011)

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