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Rules and regulations

The following rules and regulations shall apply to theTransUral 2014. By registering for the event, each participant confirms that (a) he / she has read and understood the race rules and regulations, and that (b) he / she meets the requirements for participation in the event. By signing the registration form, the participant accepts the terms and conditions that apply to participation in the event and the regulations of the race.

Project goals
- organizing unique world level competition in Russia
- getting familiar with nature of the Ural Mountains
- promoting sky-running
- development the spirit of adventures
- organizing the great show with length of 3000 km and lasting 4 years

Project description
This is the first international ultra-trail sky-running race in Russia. Competitions will take place every year during the next 4 years from 2014 to 2017. At each stage participants run from start to finish point along the Europe-Asia border. The route will go through amazing parts of the Ural Mountains. During 4 years participants have the opportunity to see stunning sceneries of Southern Ural (July, 2014), Central Ural (2015), Northern Ural (2016) and Arctic (Polar) Ural (2017)

Time and place of the first stage
The first stage of the international race TransUral will take place on 16-20th of July 2014 in the Southern Ural. Base camp is located in the village "Zyuratkul", Chelyabinsk Region. This is 30 km to the south-east from the town Satka. Event center is located on the territory of the recreation resort “Eco Park “Zyuratkul”.

Competition programme

16.07.2014 The village Zyuratkul
    15:00 - 23:30 Arrival and registration of participants
    21:00 Opening ceremony and briefing for participants

17.07.2014 The run to the mountain Big Nurgush
    08:00 Registration of participants
    08:30 Breakfast
    09:30 Mandatory equipment check
    09:45 Briefing about the leg
    10:00 Mass start of the run to the mountain Big Nurgush
    21:00 Dinner, pasta party, briefing about the upcoming leg
    21:30 Award ceremony for winners of the run to the mountain Big Nurgush
    23:30 Lights out at the base camp*

18.07.2014 The run along the ridge Urenga
    07:00 Breakfast
    07:00 Registration of new participants
    08:00 Mandatory equipment check
    08:20 Departure by bus to the start
    09:45 Briefing about the leg
    10:00 Mass start of the run along the ridge Urenga
    21:00 Dinner, pasta party, briefing about the upcoming leg
    21:30 Award ceremony for winners of the run along the ridge Urenga
    23:30 Lights out at the base camp*

19.07.2014 ‘Vertical kilometer’. The run to the mountain Big Iremel.
    08:00 Breakfast
    08:30 Mandatory equipment check
    09:00 Departure by bus to the start of the ‘Vertical kilometer’ run
    11:00 Registration of new participants in the village Tyulyuk
    12:00 Interval start of the ‘Vertical kilometer’ run to the mountain Big Iremel
    16:30 Departure by bus to the base camp
    19:30 Dinner, pasta party, briefing about the upcoming leg
    20:00 Award ceremony for winners of the run to the mountain Big Iremel
    23:30 Lights out at the base camp*

20.07.2014 The run along the ridge Zyuratkul
    07:00 Breakfast
    07:30 Registration of new participants
    08:00 Mandatory equipment check
    09:00 Mass start of the run along the range Zyuratkul
    16:00 Results, award ceremony for winners of the run along the range Zyuratkul and the first stage of TransUral
    17:00 Departure of participants

* After this time, participants and those accompanying them who violate the silence will be asked to leave the event center.

Technical information

Race day

Length, km

Ascent, m

1st, the run to Nurgush



2nd, the run along the range Urenga



3rd, the run to Iremel (Vertical kilometer)



4th, the run along the range Zyuratkul



Short routes description
1st day, the run to Nurgush. This is trail to the highest top of the range Nurgush, 1406m. Track goes on the area of Moskal and Nurgush ranges. Start and finish are at the base camp.
2nd day, the run along the Urenga range. The track goes from the town Zlatoust to the village Zyuratkul along the Urenga range with visiting of the 1st (1155m) and 2nd (1198m) hills. Start is from M5 road and finish is at base camp.
3rd day, the run to top of Iremel. Start is located in the village Tyulyuk. Iremel is the second highest top of the Southern Ural, 1582m. The format of the race is “Vertical kilometer”. Participants should run the distance to ascend 1 km of height. Finish check point will be placed on the top of the mountain. Time at the check point at the top will be considered in results. Participants go back down in own pace but must keep within the given time limit. Time spent on the way back is not considered in the results. Finish is in the village Tyulyuk.
4th day, the run along the range Zyuratkul. This is marathon distance, 42km, along the range Zyuratkul (1175m) with visiting the top Golaya Sopka (1055m). Start and finish are at the base camp. Route maps and elevation profiles of the legs will be published in an additional bulletin. 

Mandatory individual equipment:
    Mobile phone with full battery charge in a hermetic package with the number of the organizers saved in the phone's address book for emergency calls.
    First aid kit (iodine, medical elastic band minimum 100 cm x 3 cm, bandage, adhesive plaster, painkillers)
    Lighter / Matches
    Map with race route, passport of the TransUral participant, number tag (provided by organizers during the registration on the race)
    Backpack big enough to contain the obligatory equipment, food and drink
    Waterproof jacket with hood
    Protective and warming thin gloves
    Headgear – cap or bandana
    Warm clothes (T-shirt with long sleeves and running long trousers) that can be worn under the waterproof jacket and help to keep the heat in bad weather conditions. Obligation of this equipment will be announced at a briefing before the start.
    Trail running shoes, suitable for running on mountain terrain
    Stock of water or refreshment drink, minimum 1 liter
    Food for the whole distance with energy value not less than 1000 kcal
    Russian rubles to pay for transport to the base camp in case of withdrawal the race (1000 Rubles / 20 euro)

Recommended equipment:
    Device that can receive GPS-signal for navigation in case of withdrawal from the marked route (it can be a smartphone with GPS)
    Telescopic trekking poles
    Personal cup, tumbler or water bottle to collect water during the race
    Waterproof headlamp and spare batteries sufficient for at least 18 hours of discontinued function
    Cream to prevent abrasion
    Rescue blanket min size 140×200 cm

The event center is located in the "Zuratkul Eko-park" resort. There are a recreational complex (with massage service), restaurant, zoo, kennel, playground, stables, saunas and sports ground.
The next accommodation options are available in the event center:
1. Eco-camping. This is campground with outdoor shower facilities, bio-toilets, outdoor lighting, fire places, drinking water supply. Accommodation in Eco-camping is included into start packages RUN, RUN+SLEEP, RUN+SLEEP+EAT
2. Hotel. Rooms are equipped with single- and double beds, wardrobe, bedside table, phone, TV, fridge, teapot. There are shared shower and WC on each floor per 2-3 rooms. Spa and massage room are located in the hotel. Price is 1400 rubles (28 euro) per 1 person/1 day. Food is not included.
3. Cottages. Cozy 2 level wood cottages are equipped with musical center, TV, DVD, sofa, phone in living room and fridge, dishes, microwave, toaster, electric teapot in kitchen, 2 WC and shower (hair dryer, bathrobes). Price is about 3000 rubles (60 еuro) per 1 person. Food is not included.

In addition to staying in the Eco-park resort, the next accommodation options are available:
●    You can set up your own tent in the camp in the forest and on the Zyuratkul lake shore.
●    Private rooms and houses in the village Zyuratkul. Prices are varied and start from 500 rubles/place without food. If you are interested in this option, please, tell us

Registration for TransUral should be done through our on-line system by the following link.

Participants who finish all 4 legs of the race and meet the time limits are considered 'official finishers' (having finished the race officially). They will be awarded a medal and T-shirt with the race logo.
Winners of each group of each leg will be awarded diplomas and small gifts.
Winners of the first stage of TransUral in each group will be determined by sum of time of all legs and will be awarded prizes.
Team-winner will be awarded prizes also.

Money and other Prizes
A total of EUR 4000 - in cash prizes will be issued and split among the winners in their respective groups.

Time limits and control points
Racers can expect from 1 to 4 control points along the route the location of which will be unknown to participants before the race. Racers must register at each control point. Participants who miss one of the control points (i.e. losing the track or taking a shortcut) will receive a time penalty of at least 60 minutes for every control point they missed. The jury reserves the right to impose more significant time penalties depending on the specific circumstances.
The total time limit for each leg is about 10 hours, but cut-off times will be set in some parts of the route. These cut-off times are set to provide participants with some level of guidance allowing them to finish within the total time limit of the leg. To be able to continue the race participants should leave check points before the cut-off time.
Participants who do not meet cut-off times will be disqualified from the leg. Participants who disqualified from the leg because of not meeting cut-off times have the right to continue the route independently if they want to, on their own responsibility. They are allowed to start next legs.
The organizers reserve the right to stop the race or change time limits depending on weather condition and/or mountain conditions for safety.
Total time limit of each leg and cut-off times will be published in race materials and announced during the briefing. Materials will be given together with number tags in the event center.
Participants who do not meet the total time limit of the course will not be considered "official finishers" of TransUral.

General safety rules
●    Participants must follow by marked route.
●    Every participant must have a mobile phone to call to the race jury in case of emergency. Phone number for emergency call will be printed on maps of the course. Cell network is working on the tops of ranges and at the event center (mobile operator - Megafon).
●    Participants should be friendly toward each other.
●    Participants should provide first aid to a person in danger or someone in dire need of help and immediately to inform the organizers about the case irrespective of the current position in race. According to the rules, helping one another is appreciated above athletic performance.
●   The organizers reserve the right to refuse to continue the race if the organizers’ representative observes health problems or extreme fatigue. Justification of the decision is not required.

Penalties and disqualifications
The organizers reserve the right to give the penalties from 5 to 120 min of disqualify participant in next cases:
●    Not following the marked route
●    Missing mandatory equipment (can be checked in any time of the race)
●    Failure to comply the directives of the race jury and the organizers
●    External assistance
●    Using of transportation during the race
●    Flagrant violation of the race rules and safety rules
●    Flagrant unsportsmanlike conduct (failure to provide assistance to casualties, impeding other participants to reach the finish line so as removing marking line and/or signs and others)
●    Littering/polluting the environment

Participants must stop the race in case of disqualification. Organizers are not responsible for disqualified participants.

The race director resolves all issues relating the finish protocol and all matters of dispute. In case of disagreement with the decision of the race director participants can appeal to the race organizers board.
Protest should be submitted to the race director in written form in English or Russian language with a fee of 1000 Rubles/20 Euros. This fee will not be refunded if the appeal fails.

Requirements to the participants of the race

●    Participants have to read carefully and understand the race rules. Participants confirm their complete and unconditional acceptance of the rules by registering for any legs of TransUral.
●    Participants release the organizers from any penal or civil liability in case of bodily harm or material damage incurred during the race.
●    Participants must have a medical certificate issued by a physician that allows them to participate in the marathon distance.
●    Participants must have an accident insurance. Participants can purchase insurance in the race center at registration.
●    The participants are aware that the race course go through mountain terrain with a maximum height 1582 m and is not safe potentially.
●    By registering, participants ensure that they are aware of their health status, own physical capabilities and level of their technical skills.
●    It is forbidden to cut and damage green areas and making fire at undesignated places.
●    Participants and their support groups who placed in the base camp have to use gas stoves for cooking. Making fire is allowed on special designated places only.
●    The organizers reserve the right to disqualify participants who are seen to harm or damage the nature. All garbage must be taken to marked collection points (e.g. in the towns, villages or in the base camp).
●    Number tags must always be on top of clothes during the race.
●    Participants who decide to withdraw from the race must inform the race organizers as soon as possible of their decision by calling and come to the finish line.
●    Participants are solely responsible for obtaining and complying with all immigration requirements associated with traveling to and entering Russia and competing in TransUral 2014. The organizers do not accept any responsibility for, and will under no circumstances be liable (including providing a refund of the entry fee) if you cannot travel to Russia for any reason, including failure to obtain a visa, or if you are otherwise unable compete in the TransUral race because of your non-compliance with any passport-, visa- or other immigration-related requirements.

Changing and cancellation of the race
The organizers reserve the right to change the race course and the locations of check points any time without prior notification.
Start of the race can be postponed or the legs can be cancelled in case of inclement weather (a lot of rain, a lot of snow in parts of route located at high, high risk of storm, etc).
The organizers reserve the right to stop the race or change the total time limit in case of poor weather conditions or poor conditions in the mountains for safety reasons.

Each participant of the TransUral 2014 refuse expressly his/her claims to the organizer, the organizers’ partners and event broadcasters about the publication of photographic and other audiovisual materials that are compiled during / after the event without any restrictions in time, type of medium or quantity or means of distribution.

Languages of TransUral
The official languages of the event are English and Russian.

Volunteers, journalists and photographers are warmly welcome to help in race organization. If you want to help, please, send us an email or register through the web-site.

Anton Zhiganov – Race director, Ekaterinburg
Andrey Evtyukhov – technical sponsor, Ekaterinburg
Damir Rakhmankulov – course director, Chelyabinsk
RAY is partner of the race

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