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The second stage of International Russian multiday skyrunning race !

TransUral 2014 - 2017

This is the first international trail running race with stages lasting several days. In July 2014 the first stage of ultramarathon race TransUral was successfully finished in the Southern Ural. 200 athletes from more than 60 cities of Russia and near abroad took part in it. You can find a lot of photos, participants' stories and comments about the first stage on the official ultramarathon web-page here.
On 15-19th of July 2015 the second stage of the ultramarathon will be held in the Central Ural. Routes of the second stage of TransUral will take place in the highest mountain range of that area. Participants will visit mountains Ezhovaya, Starik Kamen, Belaya, Ostraya, Yurev Kamen and others. The total distance for four days will be about 160 km with elevation gain more than 4000 meters.
Base camp will be located on the territory of the ski resorst "Gora Belaya" (which is in 150 km from Ekaterinburg or in 35 km from Nizhny Tagil).
A lot of leaders of the first stage have already stated their desire to continue the conquest of the Ural mountains during the second stage of TransUral.
Have you already added trail running race to your sports plan for 2015?

Dates: 15-19 of July 2015
Distance: 160 km along the border between Europe and Asia for 4 days
Difficulty level: 5 summits of the Middle Ural

Project goals

  • organizing unique world level competition in Russia
  • getting familiar with nature of the Ural mountains
  • promoting trailrunning

Project description
International ultra-trail skyruning race. Race is divided on stages. One stage lasts several days.Races will take place during the next 4 years from 2014 to 2017. On each stage participants run from start to finish point along the Europe-Asia border. The route will go through amazing parts of the Ural Mountains. During 4 years participants have the opportunity to see stunning sceneries of Southern Ural (July 2014), Central Ural (2015), Northern Ural (2016) and Arctic (Polar) Ural (2017)

Easily to join
All active people can join to the race. Race format allows to take part both professional athletes and amateurs. During the competition days participants have an opportunity to run through the national parks along the border between Europe and Asia.
Approximate number of participants for the whole stage is up to 350 people
Approximate number of participants for particular days is up to 1000 people


  • TransUral is the only running race of several days in the world which take place along the border of the two parts of the world - Europe and Asia.
  • Nobody in the world organize STAGED multiday races. TransUrals will be held during 4 years in different parts of the Ural Mountains. TransUral suggests a new route every year.
  • TransUral will take place once from 2014 to 2017. It means there will be the only opportunity to go through the whole race route.
  • The finish line of the TransUral will be on the Arctic Ocean coast.

Race format
The race is the several-days running marathon on mountain terrain. All routes are marked. Routes go along mountain paths: roads can vary in terrain. Maps of routes with location of food stops and elevation profiles for each day be given to participants.

  • Mass start in the morning and "Pasta party" at the end of the each day. Free time in the evening and rest before next day in organized camping place
  • Daily results. To make the race more popular it's possible to take part in particular days of the race
  • Winners of the TransUral’s stage will be determined by the time of the whole route.



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