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Conditions for admission

  • Everyone at the age of 16 plus can be admitted to compete in mini-marathon (4 km 200 m).
  • Everyone at the age of 18 plus can be admitted to compete in races of 21.1 km and 42.2 km.
  • 5-person teams of commercial and non-commercial companies can only be admitted to compete in a corporate relay race.

Age of a competitor is determined at the moment of the marathon effective day. Admission of competitors for race and delivery of a competitor’s package can be executed only in the presence of the following documents:

  • ID card confirming a competitor’s age;
  • Original medical certificate with a stamp of the authorized health care institution assured by the doctor; it is obliged to specify admission of a competitor in accordance with a selected distance;
  • For preferential citizens it is necessary to assert a document confirming the right to benefits.

A medical certificate should be marked with a stamp of an authorized health care institution and a doctor’s signature and stamp. It should be written that a competitor is admitted to marathon according to a selected distance. It must be drawn not earlier than 6 months before the competition.
A copy of the medical certificate can be accepted by the commission only with its original. All medical certificates are not returned.

Every competitor has a right for self-insurance. Managers of the marathon do not provide insurance of competitors.
Foreigners are recommended to obtain a medical insurance providing transfer of risks caused by participation in sports events in Russia.


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