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Fishing on the River Lemva

Duration 10 days

If you want to forget daily vanity and for a short time have life stand still there is no better place to visit than the river Lemva.

The Lemva is one of the largest tributaries of the river Usa in the pre-polar Urals - in its headwaters the river flows swiftly with sharp turns, shallows and fords. Quite often the river divides into channels and after the mouth of the river Parnok-Yu (right tributary of the river Lemva) it becomes broader and the velocity of the current decreases. Below the mouth of the river Khaima (the right tributary) the Lemva is already flat. It flows through hilly districts among forests and has a width of about 60 m - sometimes breaking into channels, forming big woody islands.  Further downstream other tributaries flow into the river: Grube-Yu, Kharuta, Paga and others.

Starting from the town Inta, tourists go to the base Patch-Vozd (distance about 80km or 4 hours in time), where there are deposits of manganese ore. During our stay at the base it is possible to walk to the mountains on the western slope of the Urals and we can also take a Russian bath (sauna). Rafting comes to an end where the Lemva is crossed by the railway (near the stations of Abez and Usa) - here it flows into the river Usa.

The river is calm without rapids - nature is wild and untouched around you in this uninhabited area. Fishing on the river and its tributaries is excellent. It is possible to catch European grayling up to 2-3 kg. and also there are other species such as loach and salmon trout. In August - September it is possible to catch loach in the lower part of the river.  

Optimal time for rafting July-August.

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