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Demidovs Ancestral Land or Tagilskii Malachite

Visit the ancestral land of the Demidovs - founders of the mining and metallurgical industries in the Urals.

1. Visit the famous deposit Mednorudyanskoe in the town Nizhnij Tagil. This deposit was discovered in 1813. The major amount of uralian malachite of the 19th century was extracted from here. Right here was discovered a gigantic nest of malachite - which gave 480 ton of ornamental malachite, including a monolith of about 40 ton. Mednorudyanskoye deposit is where new minerals such as brochantite and delafossite are found. You can found out on the quarrys dump specimens of malachite, chrysocolla, brochantite, martite, cuprite, pseudo-malachite, pyrolusite and quartz with hematite.

Visit the local lore museum of Nizhni Tagil (where was invented the first locomotive). The museum presents wonderful specimens of local stones, rocks and stone crafts.
3. Visit the Demidovs metallurgical works.
4. See the main quarry at Vyusokogorsk mining and ore concentration plants, which, from 1721 to 1990 was the source of raw materials for metallurgical production in Nizhnij Tagil.
The quarry has a depth of 200m is and partly flooded. Here is possible to discover specimens of magnetite, pyrite, tenorite, brochantite, pseudo-malachite, copper nuggets, fine pseudomorphoses of bright blue chrysocolla, which have distinctive bands of malachite.
5. Gorbunovskoye deposit of prase (green quartz). You can pick specimens of rock crystals, albite, tremilote, fantoms and also great specimens of cats eye.

The tour lasts 12-15 hours

The price includes:
- transfer
- guide
- interpreter, if it is necessary
- lunch
- entrance to museum

The price doesnt include:
- Photo- and video in museums

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