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"Green" excursion in middle Ural

Duration 2 days

Mineralogical objects:
   -  Nickel quarry near the town Verkhnij Ufalej. Picking up of samples garnierite, aragonite, green chalcedony.
   -  Karkodinskoe deposit of demantoid - the largest deposit of demantoid and topazolite in the Urals. The raw material of a surprising transparency and deep emerald-green color are mined in this deposit. Besides separate grains it is possible find small druses of demantoids and topazolites.
   -  Placer accumulations and original deposits of demantoid on the river Bobrovka.
   -  Nickel quarries near the town Polevskoj with veins with chrysoprase.
   -  Gumeshevskoe copper deposit the native land of Uralian malachite - which is one of the most effective and attractive minerals which have brought the world glory to the Ural region is considered to be malachite. This deposit is considered to have been developing by ancient tribes from the end of II millennium B.C.. Nowadays in northern part of a deposit accessible to survey in dumps it is possible to find: cuprite, tenorite, chrysocolla, covellite, azurite, green chalcedony, a marble with malachite crusts etc.
   -  Visiting of Makarovskij chromite mine. Picking up of samples of uvarovite and chromium chlorite.
   -  Corundum deposit near the village Kosoj Brod place of discovery of such minerals as chloritoide, diaspore.
   -  Mramorskoe deposit (Marble deposit)
   -  Kurganovskoe deposit of rhodonite. Picking up of samples of rhodonite, tefroite, spessartine etc.

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