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Vishnevogorskij an alkaline complex

This excursion takes place near the settlement Vishnevogorsk (Southern Ural).
Duration 2 days

Spend the night in tents on the bank of lake Arakul or in a hotel in the town Kyshtym.

Mineralogical objects:
   -  Amazonite mines near the village Purgino where it is possible to collect excellent samples of amazonite.
   -  Sphene vein of Svistunov broad gully, where is possible to collect some alkaline minerals: nepheline, cancrinite (for the first time it was described in Vishnevogorsk alkaline complex), microcline, biotite, zircon, egyrine, arfvedsonite, sphene.
   -  Feldspar mine of Kurochkin broad gully. Picking up of samples of microcline, nepheline, biotite, apatite, zircon, sphene, cancrinite, ilmenite etc.
   -  Veins of mountain Karavaj (the Loaf) a place of first find of mineral vishnevit. Picking up of samples of microcline, pyrochlore, nepheline, apatite, zircon, sphene, ilmenite, vishnevit etc. In dependence on the water level visiting of  old galleries, whence the largest zircons of southern Ural were mined.
   -  Visiting of "pyrochlore" quarries and gallery.  Picking up of samples of microcline, pyrochlore, calcite, corundum, sphene, quartz, arfvedsonite etc.
   -  Buldymskoe vermiculite deposit near lake Buldymskoe.

Besides in time of excursion well visit:
   -  The town Kasli and museum of art casting.
The gifted craftsmen have made their town world-famous. In the early 19th century the small Ural town had already turned into one of the world centres of iron art casting. Art castings produced in Kasli were awarded the gold medals at exhibitions in Paris, Vienna and Philadelphia. Kasli art castings used in the decoration of streets and squares give the town its unique look. While visiting the only museum of art castings in Russia, you will see the outstanding works of Kasli craftsmen.
   -  Sugomakskaya cave near the town Kyshtym.

   -  The lake Arakul with the 80 m stone wall Shikhan on the bank of it the best place for spending the night in time of 2-day excursion.

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