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Visiting of the Mistress of Copper Mountain. Around Gumeshevskoe copper deposit.

Duration: 1-2 days

Mineralogical objects:
- Gumeshevskoe copper deposit the native land of Uralian malachite - which is one of the most effective and attractive minerals that have brought the world glory to the Ural region, is considered to be malachite. This deposit is considered to have been developing by ancient tribes from the end of II millennium B.C.. Nowadays in northern part of a deposit accessible to survey in dumps it is possible to find: cuprite, tenorite, chrysocolla, covellite, azurite, green chalcedony, a marble with malachite crusts etc.
- Gold placers in environs of the town Polevsloj. Poskakushinskij gold mine place, described in the story "Ognevushka-Poskakushka" by writer P.P.Bazhov.
- Mt. Azov the highest top of this area, from which the picturesque view of Ural Mountains, the town Polevskoj opens. There are rocks on the top of mountains. According to legends Miss Azovka, guarding the treasures hidden by "old people - gold nuggets and chrysolites, lives in caves of Mt. Azov.
- Placers of demantoids on rivers Poldnevaya and Bobrovka.
- Zuzelskoe bog and gold placers in environs of the town Polevskoj.
- Mt. Dumnaya in the town Polevskoj - the archeologic monument.
- Gold placers on river Chusovaya and river Ryabinovka in environs of the town Polevskoj. Under legends the huge Snake was owner of all of local gold placers. The Snake protected gold of bad and greedy people and helped to find gold to poor ones.
- Mramorskoe deposit (Marble deposit) first marble deposit in the Urals.
- The lake Itkul.
- Environs of the town Sysert. Visiting the lake Talkov Kamien (Talc Stone).
-The settlement Asbestos. Tersutskoe deposit of antoffilite-asbestos and manifestation of polychrome corundums. Under the legends mineral riches of these places are guarding by earthen cat and its luminous ears mark places, where ores are situated.
- Olkhovskoe manifestation of magnetite. Picking up of crystals of magnetite in chlorite schists.
- Glubochenskoe deposit of almandine with crystals up to 10-12 sm.
- Rhodonite deposits Kurganovskoe, Malo Sidelnikovskoe and Borodulinsskoe ones.
- Visiting of Makarovskij chromite mine. Picking up of samples of uvarovite and chromium chlorite.
- Visiting picturesque deserted talc quarry the Old lens with step walls and beautiful waterfalls near the settlement Shabry. Picking up of samples of beautiful green talc, black tourmaline, actinolite, dolomite, quartz, hematite, breunnerite, feldspar, apatite, chlorite, rutile (sagenite).
- Hematite mountain and old quarries, where gold was mined. Picking up of samples of hematite, talc etc.
- Corundum mine of Spankov-Kler. Here there is possibility to go down in old mines. Picking up of samples of corundum, dravite (brown tourmaline), clinochlore, diaspore, sericite, actinolite etc.
- Kamenskij chromite mine, where time fuchsite was discovered for the first. Picking up of samples of fuchsite, chromburgerite with alexandrite effect etc.


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