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On Balloons

Ballooning over the town Kungur and the city Ekaterinburg

Ballooning provides lots of thrills unattainable while aboard a plane or a glider, as passengers have direct contact with the surrounding air. Thanks to this fact a balloon ride is very quiet and tranquil. While floating through the air one can hear all sounds coming from the ground. Each ride is romantic and in itself is a adventure, for a balloon follows the wind and so it is not always possible to precisely determine where one will land.

The best time for ballooning in the Urals is early morning or evening, when the weather and wind is appropriate.  As usually we offer the ballooning for our tourists and include this real adventure in our tours (rafting, caving tours, bus tours etc.) in the territory of Perm and Sverdlovsk districts.

We offer ballooning over the town Kungur and the city Ekaterinburg. This offer is addressed to all those who want to fulfill their dreams of flying while at the same time being able to enjoy the beauty of the diversified landscape of the Urals, ancient churches and temples, old buildings, meandering rivers and blue lakes, green parks and gentle hills.

We offer ballooning all over the year.  Enjoy a birds eye view of the middle Ural !!

If you are planning to stop for 2-3 days you can fly over these cities and it will be real adventure for travelers along the Transsib.

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