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Nature Reserve "Pred-Uralie"

The reserve "Pred-Uralie" was founded in 1943 as the base for students and scientists of the Perm State University and it is situated on both banks of the river Sylva from the village Fillipovka up to the village Kishert and covers about 2 thousand hectares. It is located in the northern part of the Ufa plateau and represents the ancient “Permian age” - a strongly raised plane cut by the valley of the river Sylva and ravines.

The highest points of the reserve (240-250 m above sea level) are on a watershed in the northern part of the area, and the lowest (112 metres) near the river Sylva.

The area of the reserve is very picturesque. Between abrupt cliffs covered with rich conifers the beautiful Sylva is a meandering silvery ribbon. The flora is mixed - plants of European broad-leaved forests and representatives of Siberian coniferous taiga and numerous species of fauna also abound in the reserve.

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