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The Urals - new country for bird-watching tours because of nobody in the Urals was still specially engaged in bird-watching, but scientific researches of birds are kept actively.
Geographically the Urals are divided into five parts: Southern, Middle, Northern, Pre-Polar (the highest mountains) and Polar.
In the Urals there are different Natural zones (from north to south) – Arctic tundra, moss-lichen tundra, scrub-forest tundra,  forest tundra, northern taiga, middle taiga, southern taiga, sub-taiga, forest-steppe, northern steppe, southern and dry steppe.
Accordingly, there are many kinds of birds here (lists of birds are in our WEB-site).

We are organizing the bird watching  tours on the territories of National and Nature Parks of the Ural (there are more than 10 of them on the Urals, including the biggest in Europe National park “Yugyd-Va”).
Some of our tours can be combined with rafting, horseback riding and caving trips.

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