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Down the river Bolshoi Inzer, Southern Ural

Duration - 8 days
Distance of the rafting - 100 km

The river Bolshoi Inzer - one of the most wild and sparsely populated rivers of the southern Ural.
1 day: Arrival in the city Ekaterinburg. The excursion program.
Accommodation  in the hotel.
2 day: Transfer to put-in place, begin rafting.
During the day  - visiting the  towns of Kasli, Kyshtym and Karabash. Excursion to the Ilmenskij mineralogical reserve in the town Miass.
Accomodation in tent camp on the bank of the river Belaya.
3 day: Transfer to the settlement Kartaly near the railway station Ulu-Elga.
Near the settlement there is the mountain Kara-Kuchuk, which was named from the translated word "Kara-Kuchuk" - "Black Puppy" in Bashkir language.
There is a bashkir legend, that a rich Bashkir man had long been living here and each year his children were born and then died. Once a dark-haired son was born, and the father decided to give him a bad name -- Kara-Kuchuk -- to keep evil spirits away from him, so he would grow up and become the man's heir. When he has grown and married, he set up his camp ("kosh" in bashkir language) at the foot of the mountain and gave it his name, which has remained the same until now. Since then it also is called so.
Our rafting begins at the settlement of Kartaly. The first 5 km, up to the village of Kartalinskaya zapan (named after a bay used to float timber), is not difficult. The river flows in a narrow valley with smooth slopes, covered with broadleaved and coniferous forest. Every now and then rocks stick from the water.
Nearby the village Kartalinskaya zapan the mountain Kyzmaldy (in translation with Bashkir - "the rich bride") towers.
At the foot of this mountain Bashkirs have been living for a long time. And there is an old Bashkir legend, that the bai (a rich land-owner) living here only had one daughter. Her friends were five other girls from the village. And also in that time the a very handsome fellow lived in this aul (village in the Caucasus and Central Asia) and all girls of the aul were enchanted by him. But he decided to ask in marriage the bai's daughter. Then the jealous girls decided to take revenge on him. They invited him to go for a sledge ride on the mountain and then threw him on the sledge, sat on him and rushed off downwards. And the trouble was happened - he was choked. He didn't get married to the rich bride, but he was stamped on people's memory and the old legend.
The first kilometers beyond the village the river is amazingly pretty with green, forest-covered sloopes, silvery originality and beauty, slopes, covered with green forest, silvery jets of the fords and small waterfalls. The river meanders between rocky banks. Before the river Lapyshta mouth there are a few gravely islands.
Accomodation in tent camp in in a tent camp at the mouth of the river Suran.
Fishing for grayling.
Trip distance: 20 km.
4 day: Continue rafting.
From the river Suran mouth the Inzer changes direction from the south to the northwest. In the river channel - continuous fords. There are mossy rocks and the mouths of small rivers all along the route. The river meanders, tries to hide among small mountain ridges, but the general direction - to the north - remains. Before the river Saryshta mouth there are three pebble-stony islands.
Accomodation in tent camp in the river Suran mouth. In the evening we make a reconnaissance of the Saryshta rapids. Fishing for grayling. The Russian baths.
Distance - 24 km.
5 day: Continuation of the rafting.
Passage of the Saryshta rapids. The rapids are 5-6 km long. In the river channel there are many chaotically located variegated boulders. Among them there are angular and rolled boulders. On the bank of the Inzer the  rocks are up to 100 meters high.
Saryshta Gorge is unique and difficult to get through. On sunny days you can see rainbows in the mists above the rapids, and they seem to show us the safest routes. When it's cloudy the gorge looks somber and forbidding, and the waves are gray. The currents are so violent that large boulders are moved and shattered.
Beyond Saryshta Rapids appears a magnificent landscape with 80-100-metter-tall cliffs. Here the river makes an abrupt turn to the northwest and flows in a  a six-kilometer bend, ending in an area with forested islands. Behind the islands tourists can see the place of the former village Kyzyl - Yar.
Distance of rafting - 14 km.
Visit of the Kyzyl - yarovskaya cave by name G.A.Maksimovich (the professor of the Perm University, which studied this cave). Visit to the cave.
The cave Kyzyl - yarovskaya is one of the largest caves of the southern Ural - a classical cave of labyrinth type, the most significant cave of Ural in rocks of Riphean age, and the most extended a cave of Bashkortostan (the southern Urals). The cave is situated at the foot of the rock (height up to 40 meters) on the right bank of a valley of the river Bolshoi Inzer 800 meters to the north of a former village. The entrance is small (0,8 x  0,4m) and siuated about 13 meters above the river. In the cave there are large halls and grottoes, among which are the Hall of Hydrographers, The Failure Grotto, Arakaevskij Hall -- all with wonderful sinters, stalactites and stalagmites, Hall Cosmic" and others. Arakaevskij Hall is 60 meters long, 7-13 meters wide and up to 7 meters high. Cosmic Hall is the largest hall. It amazes one with its large size, acoustics. Length of the hall - 60 meters, width - 12 meters, height - 15 meters. The hall has the shape of a huge drop, which creates weird acoustic effects. In the widest east part of the hall there is a lake, covering 220 sq. meters, with surprisingly transparent water. In the hall there are cave formations rare for the southern Urals -- helictites and calcite crystals. In a cave there are small lakes, dammed up by calcite and kieselguhr. General extent of the cave - 2217 m. Accommodation in the tent camp on the bank of the Inzer.
Fishing for grayling.
6 day: Continuation of the rafting.
Visit of the cave Teplaya ("Warm"), situated a kilometer from the mouth of the stream Remashta. The cave is located on the right bank of the river Inzer in the middle part of a stone 40 meters above the level of the river's level. The semicircular entrance has a diameter of 2 meters. The cave Teplaya is of the gallery type and is simple, consisting of three halls. On walls of a cave are available sinters.
After the river Remashta mouth the valley of the Inzer grows wider. Even more often there are inundated meadows and haying glades. The slopes of the mountains are covered with mixed coniferous - birch forests and oak groves.
Distance of 18 km. Accommodation in tent camp. Fishing for grayling.
Russian bath.
7 day: Continuation of the rafting.
Duration of 14 km. Accommodation in tent camp.
8 day: Our rafting finishes in the settlement Inzer. Transfer by bus to the Ekaterinburg. 
Departure of tourists.

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