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River Berezovaya, Northern Ural

Duration - 5 days

The river Berezovaya (the river with birch covered banks) - one of the most northern rivers of the Perm district, flows from the ridge Berezovskii Kamien (Kassen-Nier in Vogul language), which is the basin for the rivers Vishera and Berezovaya. The name is given to the river because its banks are basically covered by birch forest.

The river Berezovaya crosses some the pre-Ural mountain ranges.  On its banks there are rocks, formed from limestone, which give picturesque views to the river. During the entire route - 50 km, the river flows through a stone labyrinth. On both banks the rocks (Ostantsy) rise, all having historical names - among them Kamien Hedgehog, Kamien Brothers, Grey Kamien, Unapproachable Kamien, Kamien Stepson and Kamien Eran (height -180 metres). Unapproachable Kamien is a rocky wall with a height of 80 metres, stretching 400 metres along the right bank of the river. After Kamien Eran, the river exits from a canyon and becomes quite calm.

On the Berezovaya fishing is good. In July - August in the forest there are a lot of mushrooms and berries (cowberries, cranberries, bilberries and others).

Optimal time for tour: June - August.

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