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Uralian landscape jasper

Visit the manifestations of Uralian landscape jasper in the southern Ural (area of the town of Uchaly).

The glory of the Ural jasper is known beyond Russia. The world's largest jasper belt of deposits of Southern Ural has given set of unique samples of landscape pictures, vases and desk writing sets. The jasper is a fine material for artists and jewellers.
Jaspers of the Ural Mountains for the household purposes the person started to use more then 10000 years ago.
Numerous finds (arrows tips and daggers from rock crystal and jasper) at archeological excavations of ancient sites near the lakes Chebarkul, Elovoe, Zyuratkul, Uzunkul, stone goods of the Country of the Cities Arkaim testify about it. Prevailing colors of jasper are grey, from greenish up to dark green, yellow with variety of shades,
Sealing wax - red, brown, from blue up to dark blue or violet.
In spite of the fact that the jasper is one of the most widespread color stones, it was appreciated for a long time, due to unique expressiveness of multicoloured figure. The jasper was source of inspiration for artists of the antique world and the Middle Ages.

Besides it is possible to organize excursions to the classical lerholite-ultra basite massives of the Urals Nurali and Mindyak.
On the way:
The town Miass.
Miass is known as the town in the Golden Valley. For half of the century Miass valley was the main store of gold in Russia. The old center of the town has many monuments of history, culture and architecture of every 19-20th centuries style.
Visit the museum of Ilmenskij reserve, where you can see several expositions:
- Minerals of Ilmen Mountains
- Mineralogical systematization
- Minerals of Russia
- Technogenic mineralogy etc.
Besides, there are zoological, botanical and archeological expositions.

The tour lasts 14-16 hours

The price includes:
- transfer
- guide
- interpreter, if it is necessary
- lunch
- entrance to museum

The price doesnt include:
- Photo- and video in museums

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