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Mines of Lipovskoe nickel deposit

Duration 2 days

In time of two-days excursion tourists spend the night in  sanatorium or private house.

Mineralogical objects:
   -  Visiting of veins, where pink polychrome tourmalines are mined. Picking up of samples of lepidolite, feldspar, beryl, quartz, and black tourmaline. Besides if you are lucky you have possibility to find out samples of pink and polychrome elbaite, a topaz, vorobievite, Mn-columbite, dumortierite. These mines were discovered by chance; in 1900 the crystals pink tourmaline were extracted in time of ploughing. In period from 1900 to 1904 a lot of raw material of pink tourmaline with excellent quality for collectors and jewelers were mined.
   -  Nickel quarries. Picking up of samples of multi-coloured opals and chalcedonies, millerite, siderite, ophite, quartz, getite etc.
   -  Picking up of samples on the veins Phenacite and Chrysoberyl.
   -  Manifestations of corundum (pink, blue and polychrome) in marble. Picking up of samples of fuchsite, biotite, corundum etc.
   -  Visiting of Shaitanskoe deposit of agate. Picking up of samples.
   -  Koltashinskie corundum placers. Here you can take part in panning out of multi-colored corundum.

Besides in time of excursion well visit geological museum in the town Rezh. On the way well make a few short-term stops and get acquainted with some of Aduj old mines .

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