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The old Ural city of Nevyansk

The tour lasts: 8 hours
Season: all year around
The price includes:
- transfer
- guide
- interpreter
- lunch
- entrance to museum
The price doesnt include: Photo- and video in museums

Neviyansk is one of the oldest metallurgical centres in the Urals. This excursion is developed for everyone who is interested in the history of one of the richest regions in the world and for the guests of the Urals. The excursion presents you with an old town, the so-called town-plant, Neviyansk, situated 86 km from Ekaterinburg. You'll learn the history of the mining and metallurgical industry in the Urals and also about the famous dynasty of merchants of the 17th and 18thth centuries - the Demidovs
You'll visit a unique monument of the past - the Inclined Stone Tower, which was Akinfii Demidovs mint. There are a lot of myths and legends connected with the tower. One concerning the counterfeit coins of Akinfii Demidov which actually contained a greater percentage of silver than the government money probably the only time in history where fake money was worth more than real money.
During the trip you will see also one of the oldest local villages Bynghi, with Russian traditional izba - houses and beautiful church.
Besides well visit craft centre in the village Tavolgi.

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