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Around the Southern Ural

Bus tour (bus tour, rafting, caving) The southern Ural - 2
(Bus excursion across reserves and nature parks of the southern Ural)

Duration - 11 days

1 day
Arrival in Ekaterinburg
Transfer from the railway station or airport
Accommodation in hotel.
Overview excursion in Ekaterinburg.
Spend the night in the hotel.

2 day
Breakfast in hotel

Transfer to the town Miass.
On the way:
The town Kasli
The gifted craftsmen have made their town world-famous. In the early 19th century the small Ural town had already turned into one of the world centres of iron art casting. Art castings produced in Kasli were awarded the gold medals at exhibitions in Paris, Vienna and Philadelphia. Kasli art castings used in the decoration of streets and squares give the town its unique look.
While visiting the only museum of art castings in Russia, you will see the outstanding works of Kasli craftsmen.
The town Kyshtym
Visit the cave Sugomakskaya. Lunch
The town Karabash.
Accommodation in the hotel in the town Miass.
The town Miass is known as the town in the Golden Valley. For half of the century Miass valley was the main store of gold in Russia. The old center of the town has many monuments of history, culture and architecture of every 19-20th centuries styles.
Spend the night in the hotel.

3 day
Breakfast in hotel.
Overview excursion in the Miass.
Visit the museum of Ilmenskij reserve, where you can see several expositions:
- Minerals of Ilmen Mountains
- Mineralogical systematization
- Minerals of Russia
- Technogenic mineralogy etc.
Besides, there are zoological, botanical and archeological expositions.
We can visit a few old mines near the base of Reserve.
Transfer to the settlement Sermenevo.
Accommodation on the right bank of the river Belaya (Agidel in bashkir language) in tent camp.
Dinner. Fishing. Swimming.
Spend the night in double tents.

4 day 6 day
Rafting along the river Agidel.
Spend the night in double tents.
Russian Bath

7 day
Transfer to Natural - landscape historical - archeological reserve "Arkaim"
Short history of investigation of this complex:
In 1956, 1974, 1978, 1981 years in time of air photography of a watershed of the rivers Ural and Tobol the ruins of circular, oval and rectangular constructions on river terraces were fixed.
In 1968 - Uralian  archeologic expedition begun excavation in a zone of construction of a water basin on the river  Sintashta  between settlements Mirnyi and Rymnikskij.
In 1972 - researches of group of monuments of epoch of bronze on the left bank of the river Sintashta have begun.
Further this group has received the name Sintashta complex.
The burial grounds and a part of ancient settlement were discovered and investigated.
In result of excavations the settlement, three burial grounds, small and big (a sanctuary) burial mounds were investigated.
In 1987 the reserve Arkaim was opened.
Accommodation in tent camp.
Excursion on mountain Shamannaya (Shamans mountain) and mountain of Love.
Spend the night in double tents.

8 day
Excursion to the excavations of ancient city Arkaim (Gorodische)
City is situated in 1,5 km from camp. Guide accompanies tourist group.
In time of walk to the excavations the guide will tell about a history of development of the valley of the river Karaganka and the organization of reserve.     
Acquaintance with gorodische Arkaim begins with introductory conversation at the map - scheme of Arkaim.
At first the tourists will examine the remnants of ancient walls of an external ring of city walls, and then get acquainted with system of Arkaim near real dwelling. It allows imagining achievements of ancient town-planning and paths of Arkaim transformation to the public, scientific, military, economic centre of the the Country of cities. 
Visiting of a museum of furnaces
In territory of the lower camp the museum of furnaces is located, where it is possible to get acquainted with designs and models of various furnaces that were used in the household and industrial purposes by arias.
Excursion to the real model of the Arkaim dwelling "Novodel"
Visitors can see the system of construction and ability to live of a house - hostel of inhabitants of the Arkaim.                          
Spend the night in double tents.

9 day
Transfer to the town Troitsk.
Excursion to Troitskij Monastery.
Accommodation in tent camp on the bank of the river Ui.
Dinner. Fishing. Swimming.
Spend the night in double tents.

10 day

Transfer to the city Ekaterinburg.
On the way:
Stop near the deepest coal quarry in the world (near the settlement Korkino).
The city Chelyabinsk.
Accommodation in hotel.
Spend the night in the hotel.

11 day
Breakfast in hotel
Transfer to the airport.

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