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Unknown Perm

Duration: 2-3 hours
Season: all year around
The price includes:
- transfer
- guide
- interpreter

In time of this excursion youll get acquainted with architectural and historical monuments of the city Perm, visit the Museum artillery:
- Peter and Paul's cathedral
- Sibirskaya (Siberian) street. There are a lot of outstanding historical buildings along this street. Among them - the hotel, where Russia's Tsar Mikhail Romanov spend the last days of his life, the P.I.Chaikovskii Opera & Ballet Theatre, the mansion (nowadays it is museum) of famous ballet impresario Dyagilev, the Pedagogical University, the Young Spectator's Theatre  and the memorial to the Perm voluntary tank corps.
- Hill, where Perm planetarium is situated. Besides this is the place where British geologist Frederik Murchison described rocks, that led to the definition of a new geological era, known as the Perm period.
- Perm's central square. Location of the Drama Theatre, a large Soviet type war monument, the city administration (House of Soviets) and provincial administration.
- Komsomolsky prospekt - Perm's central boulevard. Location of the Tower of Death, the Perm Polytechnical University and the M.Gorkii Park of Culture and Rest etc.
- Motovilikha (northern part of the Perm) area, which was almost completely dedicated to war industry up to 1987. We can visit the open-air Museum of artillery, where many generations of artillery vehicles, ballistic missiles and rocket launchers as they were produced in Perm are exposed.
- The Kama river one of the largest rivers in Europe and the pride of Perm. The Kama will impress you by its hugeness - even though it is at its narrowest (but still 1 km wide!) as it flows through the city. The river bank is very green and quiet and lies on an elevation, giving you a perfect opportunity to make some nice photo shots over the river.

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