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Along the streets of the old town

Duration: 2-3 hours
Season: all year around
The price includes:
- transfer
- guide
- interpreter
The price doesnt include: photo- and video in museums

In time of this excursion youll know about history of the city Perm, see houses of merchants, get acquainted with customs, predilections, tastes and habits of local inhabitants.
- Place (former village Egoshikha with its brass works (1723) was built), from whence the Perm started developing.
- Train station Perm-1, a classic 18th century building.
- Peter and Paul's cathedral
- The tower of the former Preobrazhehsky Cathedral (1832). The tower functions as a proper beacon as it can be spotted from a large part of the city. Since 1930, the building is occupied by the Perm Art Gallery. The gallery is one of the biggest in the country and shows many similarities with St. Peterburg's Hermitage regarding its large varieties of collections. The gallery has a large collection of paintings (among which a Rembrandt from 1636), but also collections of icons, wooden sculptures, glass, porcelain and cupper statues can be admired. Next to it, the Perm Local Museum is situated. This interesting museum has several expositions: the history of the Urals, the history of the city, minerals, flora & fauna of Perm region, the Perm period, etc.
- Sibirskaya (Siberian) street. There are a lot of outstanding historical buildings along this street. Among them - the hotel, where Russia's Tsar Mikhail Romanov spend the last days of his life, the P.I.Chaikovskii Opera & Ballet Theatre, the mansion (nowadays it is museum) of famous ballet impresario Dyagilev, the Pedagogical University, the Young Spectator's Theatre  and the memorial to the Perm voluntary tank corps.

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