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Trekking and rafting in Northern and Middle Ural

Duration - 13 days

Program of tour:
1 day
Arrival in Ekaterinburg. Transfer to hotel. Accommodation in hotel (double room). Lunch. Excursion program.
Visit the place “Ganina Pit” (“Ganina Yama”) - Monastery on the Romanov’s secret grave site, dedicated to the Romanov’s Tzar family, on the place where Bolsheviks tried to hide Romanov’s corpses in a secret grave. Now it is well-known Russian Orthodox pilgrimage site (Holy grave place and seven nice churches made of wood according to Russian Orthodox tradition).
2 day
Breakfast in hotel. Transfer to the settlement Kytlym (450 km).
On the way: the town Neviyansk (visit the Neviyansk’s  Inclined Stone Tower), Nizhnij Tagil, Karpinsk.
Neviyansk is one of the oldest metallurgical centres in the Urals. This excursion is developed for everyone who is interested in the history of one of the richest regions in the world and for the guests of the Urals. The excursion presents you with an old town, the so-called town-plant, Neviyansk, situated 86 km from Ekaterinburg. You'll learn the history of the mining and metallurgical industry in the Urals and also about the famous dynasty of merchants of the 17th and 18thth centuries - the Demidov’s.
You'll visit a unique monument of the past - the Inclined Stone Tower, which was Akinfii Demidov’s mint. There are a lot of myths and legends connected with the tower. One concerning the counterfeit coins of Akinfii Demidov which actually contained a greater percentage of silver than the government money – probably the only time in history where fake money was worth more than real money.
Start of trekking. Accommodation in tent camp. Dinner. Spend the night in double tents. 
3 day
Breakfast. Hiking to the foot of Mt. Serebryanskij  Kamien. Lunch.
Accommodation in tent camp on the bank of the river Serebryanka. Dinner. Spend the night in double tents.
4 day
Breakfast. Climbing the mountain Serebryanskij  Kamien. Lunch on the top.
Return to the base camp. Dinner. Spend the night in double tents.
5 day
Breakfast. Trekking along the ridge towards Mt. Konzhakovskij Kamien. Lunch. 
Climbing the mountain Konzhakovskij Kamien - the highest top of the Sverdlovsk district. Return to the base camp.
Dinner. Spend the night in double tents. Russian Baths.
6 day
Breakfast. Trekking to the road. Transfer to the camp near stream Zhigalan (150 km).
On the way: The towns Karpinsk, Severouralsk.
On the way after the town Serverouralsk:
The first stop will be on the pass where the road crosses a small sub-meridional ridge “the Fur-tree ridge”. From here we can see the ranges of the main Ural ridge in the west and smooth outlines of the mountains Kumba and Zolotaya (in Russian  - “Gold”) in the east. After “the Fur-tree ridge” our bus goes upwards on the main Ural ridge. The following stop is near the obelisk marking the boundary of Europe and Asia.
Pass the Main Ural Ridge at the foot of the Mt. Kazanskij Kamien. Lunch.
Accommodation in tent camp on the bank of the stream Zhigalan. Dinner. Spend the night in tents.
7 day
Early breakfast. This day we will climb the plateau Kvarkush and see the 10 m high rocks - similar to those on the plateau Man-Pupy-Ner and visit the reindeer herdsman who lives at the foot of the Mt. Vogulskii Kamien – we will climb this mountain. Lunch.
Return to the base camp. Dinner. Spend the night in tents.
8 day
Breakfast. Walk along the waterfalls on the stream Zhigalan. Lunch.
Return to the camp. Russian baths. Dinner. Spend the night in tents.
9 day
Breakfast. Transfer to Ekaterinburg (600 км).
On the way – The town Verkhoturie. This small town on the Tura River was once the most important centre of Christianity in eastern Russia. Today it has about a dozen cathedrals, churches and monasteries. The main cathedral is second in size only to St Isaac's in St Petersburg. In time of this excursion you’ll get  acquainted with the history of the town of Verkhotourie (its origin dates back 400 years), which is located 300 km north from Ekaterinburg. You will get to know the history of the town: its formation and development as a spiritual pivot of the Urals.
Lunch. Accommodation in hotel (double room). Dinner.
10 day
Breakfast in hotel. Transfer to the nature park “Deer Streams” (140 км). Walk to the rock (the Kamien) "Drowned man" with a grotto in its central part.
Walk along the river Serga: On the way: The Kamien "Drowned man" with panoramic platform on its top, from which the picturesque kind on a valley of the river Serga opens.
Karst crater «Kissing stones», named so because its walls look like two human faces inverted to each other. The Kravtsov’s bridge. Crossing it, you get from the light mixed wood at coniferous taiga where other smells, other plants and, it seems, air - too another. The small viewing platform, whence the Kamien Dyrovatyj, one of the most popular place on the river Serga, is perfectly seen. Nearby this place there is a big grotto. Archeologists found the site of primitive people and bones of the dyed out animals in it.
Start of rafting. Accommodation in tent camp on the bank of the river Serga. Dinner. Spend the night in tents.
11 day
Breakfast. Continuation of rafting. On the way you will see the rock “Pisanitsa”.
On the southern side of this rock, at height about 4,5 m from water the rock paintins made about 1000 years ago by  Finno-Ugric hunters living here - ancestors of modern Khanty, Mansi, Chuvashs, maris, Komi, Estonians, Finns, Hungarians and other peoples of this language group are visible.
Most clearly distinguished painting - the “Red deer" - the schematic image of a deer or the lamb in a longitudinal section. In painting it is possible to see heart, kidneys, calcaneal bones of back finitenesses.
Besides there are the figures of people in characteristic poses and, probably more ancient, figures of animals, as though dim and executed by a paint of other shade.
Archeologists think that the “Pisanitsa» is one of ancient cult places in the  river Serga valley ,where the magical ceremonies connected to hunting carried out.
Visit the cave “Friendship” and the Big and Small Failures. The Big Failure is big 40 m depth karst crater, one of the deepest failures on the Urals.  It is probably that it was formed in result of collapse of a huge cave.
The failure has oval shape and extends from northeast towards southwest. It is possible to go downwards, using a metal ladder. At the bottom there are the lateral courses filled by beautiful ice stalactites and snow even in summer. Besides the snow and ice are kept within summer at the bottom of the failure.

Lunch. Accommodation in tent camp on the bank of the river Serga. Russian Baths. Dinner. Spend the night in tents.
12 day
Breakfast. The end of rafting is near the village Arakaevo. Transfer to the city Ekaterinburg (170 км).
On the way: Stop near the obelisk marking the boundary of Europe and Asia. Visit the geographical margin between Europe and Asia, examine the frontier obelisk “Europe – Asia” on the old big Siberian tract, which is a landmark and historical monument.
Accommodation in hotel. Spend the night in hotel. Farewell dinner.
13 day
Breakfast in hotel. Transfer to the airport Koltsovo. Flight home.

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