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Historical-Archeological reserve "Arkaim"

Natural - landscape historical - archeological reserve "Arkaim"
Historical-archeological tour
Duration – 8 days



Day 1
Arrival to Ekaterinburg
Transfer to a hotel. Accommodation in a hotel. Lunch.
Excursion program.
Dinner - in your own way
Overnight in a hotel
Day 2
Breakfast in a hotel
Start of travelling
On the way - towns of Kyshtym, Miass, Uchaly, Beloretsk, Sibay.
Arrival to Arkaim reserve
Accommosdation in a tourist centre
Day 3
Excursion to the museum
In the museum the tourists have possibility to see the exhibits found during  Arkaim area exploration - reserve are collected: archeology, a history, ethnography, geology, botany, entomology, ecology etc. 
Watching a video film "Arkaim"
The film gives information about the history of ancient city Arkaim (“Gorodische”), its discovery, archeological excavations and scientific researches in this area.
Excursion to the excavations of ancient city Arkaim (“Gorodische”)
“City” is situated in 1,5 km from camp. Guide accompanies tourist group. In time of walk to the excavations the guide will tell about a history of development of the valley of the river Karaganka and the organization of reserve.     
Acquaintance with “gorodische” Arkaim begins with introductory conversation at the map - scheme of Arkaim.
At first the tourists will examine the remnants of ancient walls of an external ring of city walls, and then get acquainted with system of Arkaim near real dwelling. It allows imagining achievements of ancient town-planning and paths of Arkaim transformation to the public, scientific, military, economic centre of the “the Country of cities”. 
Free time
In dependence of wishes of tourists it is possible to organize the lectures of scientists on archeology, a history, botany, astronomy, geology, ethnography etc.
Accommodation in double tents or tourist shelter

Day 4
Excursion on mountain Shamannaya (Shaman’s mountain) and mountain of Love:
The mountain Shamannaya is a place of worship. Tamara Globa  (a famous Russian astrologer) calls the top of this mountain “a window into space”.
Numerous healers have chosen its place annual "additional charges” in day of a summer solstice.   
Visiting of a museum of furnaces:
In territory of the lower camp the museum of furnaces is located, where it is possible to get acquainted with designs and models of various furnaces that were used in the household and industrial purposes by arias.
Excursion to the real model of the Arkaim dwelling "Novodel":
Visitors can see the system of construction and ability to live of a house - hostel of inhabitants of the Arkaim.                          
Excursion to the historical park of museum - reserve:
The historical park represents a museum open-air. In this territory the numerous archeological monuments are located: sites, burial mounds and places.  
Archeologists have made reconstruction - a breadboard model of the big burial mound.
In historical park the monuments from all territory of "the Country of cities” will be taken with the purpose of formation of archeological - historical park.
In dependence of wishes of tourists it is possible to organize the lectures of scientists on archeology, a history, botany, astronomy, geology, ethnography etc.

Day 5
Excursion - archeological and natural monuments of the area of the town Kizilskoe.
Excursion to the  “gorodische” "Kuisak". Visit of ancient mine in area of the settlement Zingeisskij – “the Wolf holes”.
In territory of the area of the town Kizilskoe archeologists discovered two ancient cities: Kizilskoe and Kuisak.
Kizilskoe “gorodische”  is the part of the Arkaim system. Not far from the Kizilskoe “gorodische” there are big mines, called "the Wolf holes" by local residents.
After investigation of this place the scientists from the "Arkaim" concluded that these ancient mines supplied the raw material for metallurgists of Arkaim.
Excursion to the geological monument «Folding mountain» near the settlement  Mikubai, situated 30 kilometers to the west from “gorodische” "Kuisak".
This place is called as “Kizilskij steppe Easter island”. This place is very wonderful and picturesque place. Huge stone boulders amaze with the greatness and beauty.
Visit of the museum of local lore, history, and economy “Life and mode of the Ural Cossacks” in the town Kizilskoe.
The museum of local lore, history, and economy of the town Kizilskoe totals about 7 thousand exhibits, has the big material about life and mode of the Ural Cossacks.
Excursion to the nature sanctuary “Dark blue Shikhan” - 70 m rock on the bank of the river Ural
Climbing this rock the panorama of the town Kizilskoe and the valley of the river Ural opens and a boundless steppe can be seen in the east.
Excursion to ancient mines near the settlement Sokolki and visit the cave Gryaznushenskaya.
Excursion to the monument of nature – “the Birch dale”.
Climbing to the highest mountain of this area – mountain Cheka. This mountain was a nature sanctuary and used by ancient astronomers for supervision over a firmament.  In ancient manuscripts it is mentioned as sacred mountain “Hara”.
Visit of the site of primitive people near the settlement Zhdanovka.
Return to the Arkaim.

Day 6
Excursion to the town of Bredy area – the Sintashty complex (80-100 km).
Arkaim discovery and study began from this complex
Short history of Sintashty complex:
1956, 1974, 1978, 1981 - air photography of a watershed of the Ural and the Tobol rivers, the ruins of circular, oval and rectangular constructions were discovered on river terraces
1968 - Uralian  archeologic expedition began excavations in the zone of water basin on the Sintashta river    between the settlements of Mirnyi and Rymnikskij
1972 - researches of a group of monuments of the Bronze era on the left bank of the Sintashta river began. 
Later this group was named “Sintashta complex”.
The burial grounds and a part of the ancient settlement were discovered and investigated.
As a result the settlement, three burial grounds, small and big burial mounds (sanctuaries)  were iiscovered.
1987 – Arkaim reserve was opened
Return to Arkaim

Day 7
Transfer to Ekaterinburg
On the way: cities of Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk
Farewell dinner
Accommodation in a hotel

Day 8
Breakfast in a hotel
Transfer to the airport. Departure of tourists




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