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Horseback riding in environs of the Lake Talkov Kamien

Duration: 8 hours
Season: all year around
Optimum group: 3 7 persons
Physical Fitness: without restrictions
The price includes:
car(bus) transportation,
Professional guide,
Entrance to museums,
Rent of horses,
The price doesnt include: Photo- and video in museums

Program of tour:
9.00 - 10.00 Transfer to the town Sysert (30 km from the city Ekaterinburg)
10.00 11.00 Visit to the Bazhovs (the famous writer of tales) museum.
11.00 11.30 Becoming familiarized with horse equipment and riding horses.
11.30 Start of horseback riding.
13.00 Arrival to the Lake Talkov Kamien.
13.00 15.30 Lunch near the lake Talkov Kamien, fair, walks in forest, competitions, acquaintance with sights.
15.30-17.00 Return to the town Sysert
17.00-17.30 Transfer to the city Ekaterinburg

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