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News: We are glad to offer you ski tours in the Southern Ural:

Program of tour:
Duration  9 days

Program of tour:
1 day

Arrival in the city Ekaterinburg. Transfer to a hotel.
Accommodation in a hotel.
Excursion program in the historical centre of the city.
Lunch. Free time. Dinner
2 day
Breakfast in a hotel
Transfer (550 km) to the settlement Kaga, the tourist centre (Bashkiriya region).
On the way you will get familiar with historical, architectural, natural sights of the Ural Mountains.
Accommodation in the tourist centre.
3 day
Excursion program when you hear about the metallurgical plant from the 18th 20th centuries in Kaga.
Preparation of equipment.
Ski walk in environs of the tourist centre.
Dinner (bashkir and Russian cuisine). Russian Baths.
Spend the night in sleeping bags. 
4 day
Start of traveling. We will ski along the border of the Bashkir national park and foothills of the ridge Sourthern Kraka (15 km). Lunch on the way
Accommodation in a wooden hut. Dinner
Spend the night in sleeping bags. 
5 day
Continuation of travel (15 km). We will cross Mt.Kyzylskaya with good panoramic view towards Mt.Bolshoj Shatak.|
Lunch on the way.
Accommodation in a woooden hut. Dinner.
Spend the night in sleeping bags. 
6 day
Return to the tourist centre (10 km)
Dinner (bashkir and Russian cuisine). Tea ceremony with tasting of bashkir honey.
Russian Baths.
Spend the night in sleeping bags. 
7 day
Day of rest.  Ski walk in environs of the tourist centre. Lunch.
Spend the night in sleeping bags. 
8 day
Transfer to the city Ekaterinburg (550 km). Lunch in the way.
Farewell dinner.
9 day
Breakfast in a hotel. Transfer to the airport Koltsovo or railway station.
Departure of tourists.


Special offer for Transsib: Ski walks in environs of Ekaterinburg

Cliffs of the Middle Ural (ski walk) #1
Duration: 7-8 hours
Season: December – March)
Attractions: Cliffs “Gronskogo”; the picturesque rocks of Chertovo Gorodische “Devil’s Town” (from the highest elevation of Devil Town at 343 meters, the views are breathtaking as you view the incomparable beauty of the forests and lakes of the Urals)

Ski walk  in mountains of the Middle Ural #2
Mt.Volchikha is one of the highest tops in environs of Ekaterinburg. It is situated on the border Europe-Asia and this mountain divides eastern and western slopes of the Urals.
7-8 hours
Season: December - March
Attraction: climbing Mt.Volchikha
On the way: obelisk Europe-Asia; Ganina’ s  Pit 

Ski walk in area nature Park “Deer Streams”
10-12 hours
Season: December - March
Attractions: the Nature Park "Deer Streams", ecological trail along the river Serga, limestone clifs, karst craters and grotto, rock paintings on the rock “Pisanitsa”, the largest cave of the Sverdlovsk district - cave «Druzhba»,
On the way:
obelisk Europe – Asia, old industrial town Revda, Mt.Volchikha.

Some more excursions in environs of Ekaterinburg

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