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One-day excursions

Visit the Blue Lake
Duration 1 day
The karst Blue lake is located in picturesque area of Bashliriya near the settlement Karmaskaly.
Some minerals dissolved in lakes water cause blue color of water.  The lake is surrounded by picturesque high cliffs, covered with decorate amber-coloured pines. There are grottoes and small caves in the cliffs.
Lunch is included.

Visit a water-fall Kuk-Karauk and the Salavatskaya cave
Duration 1 day
The water-fall Kuk-Karauk is located in picturesque area of Bashliriya (the Ishimbay district). The 20 m cascade water-fall is especially beautiful in the spring. Near the waterfall the cave of Salavat Yulaev, who was the national hero of Bashkir people, is located He took part in the country revolt, fighting against the Russian Empire under the leadership of Emelian Pugachev in 17th century. 
Lunch is included.

Visit the Stone Gate
Duration 1 day

The Stone Gate is situated on the left bank of the river Aj, 2 km from the village Lakly.
It is the karst bridge, a grandiose magnificent construction.
You will have a walk along the tourist path, among karst craters. We will pass through this wonderful sight of Nature and reach the top of a cliff with the beautiful panoramic view of the valley of the river Aj. The river Ai flows between high, forest covered, abrupt mountains, and sometimes -vertical walls. Its banks are decorated with whimsical calcareous rocks as towers, fortifications, and columns.
Near the Stone Gate the unique cave Laklinskaya is situated. Among the caves, situated in the territory of Bashkiriya, the cave Laklynskaya is one of the largest (height of the main hall is approximately 20 m and a width of 50 m) with a length of about 320 metres. Its entrance is situated 40 metres above the river Lakly a tributary of the river Ai. When the temperature outside is +30 OC, in the cave it will be about 0OC. Even at the caves entrance the ice doesn't usually melt. It is famous for its unique calcite formations in the form of a bowl or an ornamental ball. The slopes of the mountain, where the cave is situated, are covered with wild cherries.

Visit the "Sacred Source"
Duration 1 day
The nature has generously granted the area of the settlement Krasnousolskij: green mountains, mountain fresh air, mineral water sources in the valley of the mountain small river Usolka, known from 16 century.
Russian established Voznesenskij monastery near the mineral sources, having declared them "sacred".
During our excursion you will now about history of Bashkiria and its sights of Nature. The guide tells you the legend about Wonder-working icon Tabynskaya Divine Mother,
You will visit the mineral water sources of magic force. Nowadays the sources are used doctors for treatment of patients with various diseases.

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