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City excursions

The city Ufa - capital of Bashkortostan

During our excursion you will get acquainted with the history of the city of Ufa.
You will know why the city was named Ufa and when the Ufa fortress was established.
You will visit at the monument to  Salavat Yulaev, the Monument of Friendship and the  Park of Victory and the mosque Lya-Lya- Tulip.
Besides our guide will tell our about outstanding people of the city and Bashkortostan, in general. You will see old and modern buildings of the capital of Bashkortostan
Excursion takes three hours.

Archeological monuments of the city of Ufa
This is special excursion, it time of which you will get acquainted with sites of primitive men in the territory of Ufa.
You will see settlement ancient fortress known nowadays under the name Devils Town .
Besides you will know about the life of our ancestors of an epoch of iron VIII - VII centuries B.C.
Excursion takes three hours.

Religious life of Bashkortostan: churches and mosques
Excursion will acquaint you with the history of religion, with Orthodox and Christian churches and temples and Muslim mosques of city as well.
Excursion takes three hours.

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