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Rivers Koiva and Chusovaya and Excursion to the cave

Combined Tour
Rafting on the Rivers Koiva and Chusovaya and Excursion
to the Cave Chudesnitsa (Wonderful)
Duration 5 days

Day 1: Arrival at the settlement of Kusie-Aleksandrovskii on the shore of the river Koiva. Preparation of the catamarans and rafting to the junction of the river Shishikha. Climb Mt. Lotari and examine palaeontological fossils on the rock Teschin yazyk (mother in-laws tongue). Accommodation in tents on the shore of the river Shishikha.
Day 2: Rafting from the river Shishikha to the stop Post-Office, where you can send letters and notes to your friends. Continue rafting to the tourist shelter Ust-Koiva near the mouth of the river Koiva. Spend the night in the shelter.
Day 3: Rest day at the tourist shelter.  Visit  Kings Gates and the rock Dyrovatyi. Russian Baths. Disco. Spend the night in shelter.
Day 4: Begin rafting on the river Chusovaya. Climbing the rock Red Stone. Stop at the mouth of the river Ponysh. Excursion to the natural geological monument - cave Chudesnitsa (Wonderful), which was opened in 1974.
The cave is located 2.5 km from the river Ponysh (tributary of the river Chusovaya). It attracts tourists with its beauty and mysteriousness. The corridors are practically horizontal so it is safe even for unprepared tourists to visit. It has a total length of 512 metres and contains 10 halls with heights up to 10 metres. These halls all contain stalactites and stalagmites, massive calcite sinters, stone falls up to 7 metres and some small underground lakes. Visit the cave Pechka (Stove).
Continue rafting and swimming in Blue Lake (blue water 56 metres deep with a temperature of +4oC). Stay the night in tents at the grotto Dwelling of primitive men.
Day 5: Excursion to the cave Semenovskaya (250 metres). Rafting to the city of Chusovoi.
Departure of tourists.

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