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Climbing Mt.Iremel and rafting on the river Ai

Duration - 8 days

Program of tour:
1 day
Arrival in Ekaterinburg
Transfer to hotel. Accommodation in hotel (double room). 
Excursion program. Visit to museum.
Spend the night in hotel.
2 day
Breakfast in hotel
Transfer to the village Tyulyuk (420 km)
On the way: the towns of Kyshtym, Karabash (Zone of ecological disaster), Miass (visit the mineralogical museum of Ilmenski reserve), Zlatoust, Satka.
Lunch on the lake Turgoyak - one of the most picturesque and transparent lakes in the Urals. Its waters are similar to those of Lake Baikal very clean and potable.
Accommodation in tourist centre in Tyulyuk village (double room).
Spend the night in tourist centre.
3 day
Hiking to the foot of mountain Iremel.
Accommodation in tent camp.
Climbing to Mt. Iremel - 1582 m (Mt. Malij Iremel 1449 m)
Return to the camp.
Spend the night in double tents.
4 day
Return to the Tyulyuk village.
Transfer to the settlement Porogi.
Excursion to the natural-historical complex Porogi, which is situated on the river Big Satka. It is a very picturesque land - like Lake Geneva in miniature. In 1911 when V.Lenin had been dreaming about electric lamps - in the remotest depths of the Uralian provinces the streets of Porogi were brightly lit and ferroalloys were melted on local electric stoves. In 1993 the committee of UNESCO on Preservation of Monuments of History and Culture gave the status of monument of international significance for natural-historical to the complex Porogi a factory dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. On the river Big Satka we raft to its junction with the river Ai.
Accommodation in the tent camp.
Spend the night in tent camp on the bank of the river Ai.
5 - 6 days
Continuation of rafting down the river Ai.
During these days we will visit: the caves Kurgazak and Averkieva Yama, the caves  the stone-wall Big Pritesy, with a height of up to 80 metres and extending more than a kilometre.
Excursion to the cave complex.
7 day
Our rafting comes to an end near the village Lakly, where it is possible to visit the cave Laklynskaya .
Transfer to the city Ekaterinburg
Accommodation in hotel
Spend the night in hotel (double room)
8 day
Breakfast in hotel
Transfer to airport.
Departure of tourists.

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