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Caves and Mountains of the Southern Ural

Combined tour rafting + horseback riding
Duration 17 days

Program of tour:
1 day
Arrival to Ekaterinburg. Transfer in hotel. Accommodation in hotel. Lunch.
Excursion program.
Dinner in your own way. Spend the night in hotel (double room)
2 day
Breakfast in a hotel
Transfer to the settlement of Kaga (600 km).
On the way we drive past some uralian towns: Kasli, Kyshtym, Miass, Uchaly, Beloretsk.
Besides well cross a few nature-landscape zones: coniferous and mixed forest, steppe-forest, mountain forest zones. Lunch in the town of Miass, situated on the bank of the river Miass, widely known as gold river. In XIXth century in this river valley there were found a few gold nuggets, among them was the biggest one in Russia the gold nugget Gold Triangle with weight about 36 kg. In Miass we can visit the mineralogical museum, if it is open for public this day.
Accommodation in a tourist centre. Dinner. Russian Baths.
3 day
Preparation of equipment for rafting. Lunch
Start of rafting along the river Agidel (or White river, in Russian), which is considerd to be the pearl of the Southern Ural. Dinner. Accommodation in a tent camp (double tents)
4-7 days
Rafting along the river Agidel. Some people called this part of river (from the settlement of Kaga to the nature park of Shulgan-Tash as the prettiest part of the river and the Gallery of Nature. During the rafting two days of rest are planned, when you will be able to have a rest, to swim, to visit local sights of nature, to catch a fish.
8 day
Visit the nature park Shulgan-Tash and the Capova cave, the world-famous cave for rock paintings of mammals on its walls.
Visit the museum Gold Bee and bee-tree (bort in Russian) apiary.
Russian Baths. Return to a tourist centre by bus. Accommodation in a tourist centre.
9 day
Visit the museum of local lore and Nikolskaya Church. Lunch. Preparation of equipment.
10 day
Breakfast. Start of riding.
Riding to the river Chernaya mouth (30 km). On the way well cross the stream of Gold diggers, because thjre are old gold placers in this area in XIXth century.  Lunch on the way.
Accommodation in a tent camp (double tents)
11 day
Day of rest. Swimming. Fishing, Picking up berries and mushroom.
Short-term riding to the geological monument of nature - . Lunch. Dinner.
12 day
Riding (20 km) from the river Chernaya mouth via area of Kukhtur and the stream Stone to the foot of Mt Bolshoi Shatak (1271 m), the mountain ridge Bash-Tau (Head-Stone, in Bashkir language). Lunch on the way
Accommodation in a tent camp (double tents)
13 day
Day of rest. Climbing Mt Bolshoi Shatak.  Youll see old larches and alpine meadows.
Lunch. Dinner.
14 day
Riding to the valley of the stream Irlya. Return to a tourist centre (20 km). Accommodation in a tourist centre.
Russian Baths. Dinner.
15 day
Day of rest. Walk in environs of the settlement.
Lunch. Dinner.
16 day
Transfer to Yekaterinburg. Accommodation in a hotel (standard double rooms)
17 day
Transfer in an airport.

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