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The Village Koptelovo

Museum of the History of Agriculture and Way of Life of Peasants
in the Village Koptelovo (Sverdlovsk region, Ural, Russia)

8-9 hours
Season: all year around
The price includes:
-    car (bus) transportation
-    professional guide-interpreter
-    cultural program
-    entrance to museums
-    lunch
The price doesnt include: photo- and video in museums

The museum in the village Koptelovo was founded at the end of October of 1969 by Alexander Grigorijevich Potaskuev lover of nature and history of native land, expert on peasant life and professional veterinarian. The museum complex in Koptelovo includes the following:
1. A peasants log izba (log cabin built without nails) an architectural monument of the XVIIth century.
2. Exposition show rooms on the history of agriculture, where basic types of agricultural works are presented, according to the seasons. In the show room there is a unique collection of agricultural implements - seeding-machines, wooden ploughs, reapers, the first threshing machine, machines for the processing of grains and scythes.
3. A presentation of traditional peasant handicrafts for hunting and fishing, processing of skins, pimy (traditional peasant footware) manufacture and processing of natural materialssuch as birch bark and bast. Also the complete cycle of flax processing and the development of flax weaving are on display.  In the museum there are collections of joiners, potters and coopers crafts and a collection of measuring instruments these are all in the handicraft pavillion.
4. A fully working village smithy with its locally manufactured items.
5. The memorial expositions - located in the former building of the merchant firm L.M. Toropov. In the first show room the history of the foundation and development Koptelovo is on display. In the next show room the history of the village beginning  from the revolutionary events of the XXth century, the history of collective farming (kolkhoz), the schools history from 1860 and history of the hospital from 1884 are all presented. In the  third show-room there is an exposition in memoriam of the Defenders of our Native Land, from the year1941 until today. The fourth show room is dedicated to the traditional culture of the peasants.

There are also cultural programs suitable for people of different age groups.

Program Uralian old Times

1. Group meeting and walk to the bank of the river Rezh.  Excursion to the historical village of Koptelovo.
2. Examination of the architectural monument peasant izba (log cabin) from the XVIIth century.
3. Horseback riding.
4. Tea with traditional village cheesecakes.
5. Performance of a folklore ensemble.
6. Lecture about traditional peasant culture.
7. Visit the exhibition of agricultural implements
8. Excursion to the exhibition of traditional peasant handicrafts
9. Presentation about historical events of  the XXth century.


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