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Visit the Ilmenskii mineralogical reserve (the town Miass)

The tour lasts: 12-14 hours
Season: all year around
The price includes:
- transfer
- guide
- interpreter
- lunch
- entrance to museums
The price doesnt include: photo- and video in museums

The town of Miass is situated 96 km from the city Chelyabinsk) on the eastern slope of the southern Urals, at the foot of the Ilmenskie mountains (named after the lake Ilmen), on the bank of the river Miass. It was founded in 1773 in connection with the building of the cooper-smelting factory near the copper ore deposits, which were discovered in 1754. In the old part of the town you can see a typical urban lay out from the end of the18th century. In the town, wooden houses with balconies, jambs and lintels of the 19th and early 20th centuries prevail. Near Miass, the Ilmenskii Mineralogical Reserve is situated.

Well visit the museum of Ilmenskii reserve, where you can see several expositions:
Minerals of Ilmen Mountains;
Mineralogical systematization;
Minerals of Russia;
Technogenic mineralogy etc.
Besides, there are zoological, botanical and archaeological expositions.

We can visit a few old mines near the base of Reserve.

Near Miass is one of the most picturesque and transparent lakes in the Urals Lake Turgoyak. Its waters are similar to those of Lake Baikal very clean and potable. Lake Turgoyak is recorded on the list of the most valuable lakes in the world. It has a tectonic origin and is located in an intermountain valley, bounded by the ridges Ural - Tau in the west and Ilmenskii in the east. It covers an area of 26.4 sq. km - has a length of 6.9 km, width 6.3 km and the length of its coastal line is 27 km. In the centre of the lake the depth reaches 32.5 metres.

On the way:
The town Kasli. The gifted craftsmen have made their town world-famous. In the early 19th century the small Ural town had already turned into one of the world centres of iron art casting. Art castings produced in Kasli were awarded the gold medals at exhibitions in Paris, Vienna and Philadelphia. Kasli art castings used in the decoration of streets and squares give the town its unique look. While visiting the only museum of art castings in Russia, you will see the outstanding works of Kasli craftsmen.
The town Kyshtym. Lunch near the cave Sugomakskaya.
Construction of Kyshtym factories is connected with a dynasty of factory owners Demidovs. Production of Demidovs factories with mark Two sables was known fare outside Russia. Roofs of London and Paris buildings were covered with the Ural iron. It has been exported to America. In the beginning of XX century Kyshtym became capital of copper processors. Release of refined copper has been adjusted here in 1922 for the first time in Russia.
Kyshtym has the status of historical town. A monument of industrial culture is the unique system of hydraulic engineering constructions - the Demidovs canals.  The manor of factory owners the White House, a monument of federal value, decorates the town. Kyshtym is surrounded with picturesque lakes rich with a fish.
The town Karabash. Zone of ecological disaster.

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