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Demidovs Ancestral Land or Tagilskii Malachite

The tour lasts: 10-12 hours
Season: all year around
The price includes:
- transfer
- guide
- interpreter
- lunch
- entrance to museum
The price doesnt include: photo- and video in museums

Visit the ancestral land of the Demidovs - founders of the mining and metallurgical industries in the Urals.
Nizhnij Tagil has been included into the register of "historical towns of Russia". It is one of the oldest mining centres of both home and world metallurgy, the former land of the Demidovs - the famous dynasty of plant and mine owners. The past and the present of Nizhnij Tagil are intermixed.
We invite you to a city tour including a trip to the top of Lissiya (Fox) mountain where you can get a perfect view of the city and surrounding landscape.

Besides well visit:
1. Visit the famous deposit Mednorudyanskoe. This deposit was discovered in 1813. The major amount of Uralian malachite of the 19th century was extracted from here. Right here was discovered a gigantic nest of malachite - which gave 480 ton of ornamental malachite, including a monolith of about 40 ton.
2. Visit the local lore museum of Nizhnij Tagil (where was invented the first locomotive). The museum presents wonderful specimens of local stones, rocks and stone crafts.
3. Industrial buildings and mechanisms of the 18th - 20th centuries located on the territory of the former Demidovs' enterprise Nizhne -Tagilsky Works Museum.

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