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Berezovsks gold mines - the first gold of Russia

The tour lasts: 5-7 hours
Season: all year around
The price includes:
- transfer
- guide
- interpreter
- lunch
- entrance to museum
The price doesnt include:  photo- and video in museums

Visit gold deposit of Berezovsk town, which is the native land of golden industry of Russia.
1. Place of discovery of the first gold in Russia and the monument to discoverer of gold - Erofei Markov.
2. Visiting the museum Gold and platinum in the Urals in the settlement Berezovsky.
3. Visiting the mountain Uspenskaya (Colored mine), where some minerals (for example crocoite, vauquelenite) were discovered. In the tailings it is possible to pick up fine samples of crocoite, vauquelenite and pyromorphite.
4. Visiting the quartz vein "puff vein" where you can pick up samples of rock crystals, including of dark green tourmaline.
5. Visiting the mountain Gold hill. Tourists can descend into the mine (depth up to 8 m) and look at processes of extraction of rock crystal. From the tailings it is possible to pick up samples of rock crystals of various morphology, including carbonates, fuchsite, green tourmaline, manganite, pyrolusite, goethite.
6. Visiting the Galena vein, where you can look at interesting paragenesis with azurite and malachite. Here it is possible to collect samples of minerals (dolomite, magnetite, goethite).
7. Visiting the Chalcedonic vein where it is possible to collect samples of multi-colored chalcedonies.

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