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Nature Park Deer Streams

The park was opened on October 29th, 1999. It is situated 100 km to the south west of Ekaterinburg in Nizhnie Sergi. Located in the park is the settlement "Bazhukovo". The park covers an area of 12,700 hectares along the valley of the river Serga from Nizhnie Sergi up to the village Arakaevo.
The picturesque valley of the river Serga works its way through calcareous rocks and it abounds in various manifestations of karst. The park contains the largest cave of the Sverdlovsk district - cave Druzhba (Friendship) and also other famous caves - Arakaevskaya, Katnikovskaya and karst formations the Big Failure and the Glacier. The nature park represents a border between landscapes of middle Ural mountain taiga of the Sredneuralsk area and forest-steppe of the Krasnoufimsk region.
This landscape variety, low level of industrial pollution and economic development of the territory of Nizhnie Sergi area give the possibility to keep numerous species of flora and fauna. Coniferous and broad-leaved forests prevail in the park.

Numerous archeological finds and objects testify that from most ancient times primitive men occupied the valley of the river Serga.  Paintings on the rock Pisanitsa have become popular attractions among the 22 natural monuments found in the park.
Relief of the area is characteristic for the middle Urals with average heights of 300-500 m above sea level. The rocks ostantsy along the banks of the river Serga, reaching heights of 40m are of great interest for park visitors. The park is characterized by deep river valleys with steep cliffs, tributaries of the Serga, whose valley has a width of up to 250-300 metres and for the most part is a classical V shape.
All typical species of taiga fauna abound here. In the upper reaches of the river and its tributaries beaver settlements are widely distributed. The largest colonies of bats in the middle Urals - wintering in the caves are unique. In the Serga and its tributaries, all species of fish, characteristic for the mountain taiga zone of the middle Urals live - including grayling.
The climate all year round is quite comfortable for both active tourism and sightseeing.
In order to preserve the nature in the park there are some areas to which only scientists have access.

Routes with guides - so-called educational paths have been developed. These paths have a very important role in the protection and preservation of nature. They give all the necessary information about the area to the visitors, allow the adjustment of attendance and establish control throughout the park.  Along the paths there are places for rest tables, benches and bins placed for convenience.

It is forbidden to take out any souvenirs of nature from the park.


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